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Friday, August 3, 2007

My art...comic con...updates

I have more of my photography posted at . I think you have to be signed in to view some of the images that aren't considered 'safe' for the site.

I've been shooting 2-3 days a week, which is a lot for me. My services are becoming more popular, so my TFCD shoots are extremely limited.I've been so busy with my photography, that I have hardly had enough time to do anything else. I still haven't found the time to post my pics from the comic-con and other personal pics that I've been wanted to show off. haha. Maybe I'll post some in my next blog. eh what the hell, here are some of them...
<Me and Peg fricken Bundy! haha I watched that show everyday when I was a kid.

<Me and the homie, Sgt. Slaughter. I noticed that I'm one of the only people that he smiled with. I tend to do that to men. =P

<Um, seemed neat at the time...
Oh and I had a Kwik-E-Mart around the Corner from my pad and I had to take pics before they turned it back into a boring 7eleven. Be warned. I'm wearing no makeup, my hair is not done, and I'm wearing pajamas. I heard it was the last day that it would be a Kwik-E-Mart so I rushed over with my camera at about 2am.

<Rockin' the Venture Bros. haha.

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