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Thursday, August 9, 2007

New self portrait

Here's a photo that I've been wanting to take of myself for quite some time.

nesIt has some pretty personally significant elements in it.

The first and obvious would be the original NES with the original R.O.B. I grew up playing video games. I wouldn't say that we were wealthy or even well off but we wanted a NES so bad, that we were able to attain one when it first came out. I was on that thing almost all day everyday until we got the SNES. Yes, I'm a dork. I'm a "gamer chick."

Another important part of this picture are my shoes. These are the very first pair of name brand shoes that I ever owned. My Adidas! I must have dreamed about these shoes a hundred times before I convinced my dad to get them for me when I was in the 6th grade. Before I got these, I always wore Payless and Kmart shoes, but there was no way that I was going to by the 4 striped adidas in Jr. high. haha. I remember going to the Footlocker to try these babies on. I was stoked. I still have them and I still fit them! haha. I don't actually wear them out these days, but I don't think I could ever throw them out.

I don't know where my rambling is headed. Perhaps what I really want to point out is that most of the things that I will never consider getting rid of have saturated a lot of the color yellow over the years. haha. Well, I guess I could say that it all winds down to this...Everything that I have ever truly wanted, I was able to eventually attain. To me this photo evokes a strong feeling of accomplishment. I feel good. haha. I just realized that I've been sober since June 9th and today's August 9th. =) Man, I'm suffocating on achievement. Um...time for me to get some sleep. I'll probably delete most of this nonsense when I wake up. haha.

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