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FanVixens in: Bizarro Au Go-Go is an 88 page color photo book featuring the sculptures, props, and special FX of Cig Neutron and the Photography and photo manipulation of Rannie Rodil. From comic book catfights, to advertisements for bizarre products that you can actually order, to hot chicks covered in GALLONS of BLOOD. Throw in a cheesy sense of humor and there you have it, this book has more puns than the Cryptkeeper. What's not to love? The best part is all this can be yours for only $20!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

sorry carlito...

Your test shots for the "Hot Asian Youth" 16 month calendar were reviewed. Although we noticed a wonderfully passionate and flirty chemistry between you and your partner, we are sad to inform you that you were just not calendar material. Maybe if you even out your tan a bit, we will consider another test shoot for future projects...
< okay fellas, who ordered the penis colossus?(click to enlarge) hahhahaha

i know, i know....i'm an asshole.

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