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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

back from sf/halloween pics

I stayed at the wonderful Ritz Carlton and had an awesome time. =) I'll write more about it later. I'll post pics, too.

Right now I'm just going to post pics from Halloween... (click photos to enlarge)
<at the house before consuming the poison

<before the makeup transferred to the faces and clothing of others. haha

at the club...
< after a cup of malibu and 2 shots of tequila. i know, i know. i'm starting my diet tomorrow!

<1c malibu, 2 shots of tequila, 1 gin and tonic. I felt sorry for the crackheaded panda.
< After a cup of malibu, 2 shots of tequila, and 2 gin and tonics. i looked fucked up because I was! oh and sphinx is so purdy. =)

<1cup of malibu,2 shots of tequila 3 gin and tonics and a swig of whatever sweet ass girly drink he had. I think it was called a diva daiquiri or pink tutu...something gay. =P

So we left the club to hit up the after hours spot and after pissing in the parking lot of an apartment complex and knocking out in the car for a few minutes we found it... final count...whatever i said earlier and 2 1/2 strong ass vodka cranberry cocktails...
and then i blacked out.... but still kept going....sigh
< this happened...
then this happened>

<then a little bit of this action (i don't remember the fire dudes at all)

<we're so gay! haha
<then there were these guys....

the end

i've omitted the more incriminating photos. haha...

so i'll post about my sf trip when i have time. I'm also really starting my diet tomorrow. I just ordered 31 days of the diet. =) kbye.

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