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Thursday, January 17, 2008

more aussie pics

My friend still hasn't sent me the pics that she snapped of me in Australia, but I think I'll just post some now, since I like procrastinating. Some of the shots of me are a bit blurry because my friend didn't know how to use the focus on my d200. I forgot to put it in an easier mode for her.

^pics around Sydney, which was pretty much the main area I stayed in. I was in Busby a lot also. There is a huge Vietnamese community in and around Busby. I had the best pho I've ever tasted while I was in Australia. There's a rumor that the popular pho joint that we ate at puts marijuana in their stock. Who knows. =) Hell, the best Vietnamese food I've ever had was in Australia, hence the reason why I was so chubby while I was there. I mainly just ate and shopped while in Australia. I think I gained 3-4 lbs while I was there. haha.

Some funny products I found during my trip....
<Hairy lemon- it doesn't seem so funny now that I look at it, but I thought the picture on the box and the name was hilarious.

<FUDGE membrane gas...I think it was a hairspray or something equivalent to a rape deterrent, like pepperspray.

Call me a dumb American, but I was pretty thrown off by the Australian accent and slang from time to time. It also didn't help that lots of the people I was hanging with had Aussie/Viet accents. hehe. I eventually found myself understanding everyone better once I started getting the slang down. =) In Australia.... the trunk of a car is a boot, diapers are called nappies, the fruit and yogurt parfait from McDonalds is called a berry nice yogurt (they have bacon rolls at McDonalds as a breakfast item and they are fricken good! come on McDonald's America get on the bacon roll train!), Burger King is called Hungry Jacks, parking lots are simply called car parks (which sounded like cawpawk to me for a long time till I started reading the signs (duh) ....hmmm...I can't think of anything else.

<This is some huge bird that I found eating fries at a foodcourt in a huge mall in Sydney. It was an indoor mall! He's one crafty bastard. hehe. This is a bit off topic, but I really love birds. I think if I ever become an old geezer, I'll take up the hobby of bird watching or something. hehe.

Okay, I'll leave this spot open for more aussie shit. So this entry is to be continued...

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