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Friday, January 25, 2008

Riding in Australia

I went horse riding in the Australian rainforest through Glenworth Valley. It was an extremely beautiful place, but I began to grow weary when we started interacting with the workers because they were actually extremely racist/prejudice toward our group. I'm not sure if it was because we were Asian or because I was American. They served us last despite the fact that we were one of the first groups there, and even though I stated that it was my first ride, they ended up giving me the most massive horse in the stable. Her name was Garnet. She was a sorta mean, too. She kept crashing into other horses. She didn't want the other horses to pass us. I was smashed against the some of the other riders from time to time when she would try to cut them off.

All my friends got their horses first, so when I saw Garnet and how gi-normous she was I just started laughing uncontrollably. (I laugh when I'm nervous) I'm good at training dogs, and I know that with dogs you sort of have to establish that you aren't one to be pushed around from the get-go, so while I waited to mount her, I tried to show her that I wasn't afraid and that I meant business...I don't think she gave a shit about how tough I was 'acting'. She was pushing me in circles as I tried to nudge her in place with all my might. haha. I think we made a complete 1440 degree rotation before the horse trainer dude helped me mount her.

When I got up, I almost immediately wanted to dismount. Haha. Seriously, I felt like I was really high up. The weather was different, I was looking down at my friends who were already mounted and I was just wondering to myself why I could have possibly thought that riding a fucking horse would have been a good idea. Then the horse started walking. I started really hating the workers. How could they pair me with such a monster of a horse. I could hear myself involuntarily yelping with every stride. I wanted to get off so bad, but then I didn't want to look like a pansy-ass jerkoff. The ride to Glenworth was 2 hours from Busby, and we waited so long to get our horses. I wasn't about to let those jerks have the satisfaction of seeing this american bitch chicken out. I just told myself to have fun with it and to think of it as a workout- a workout in which failure to make the right moves would have equaled certain death. =)

After a while, I got used to riding her and I actually started enjoying it a lot. When I was able to calm down I really got to appreciate the surroundings which were effing gorgeous. I had fun learning how to get the timing right when we galloped around, and I actually found myself giggling a lot of the time. =) It was a great experience, and despite the bad service, I would definitely do it again. Everyone was talking about how sore my thighs and ass would be the next day, but I never got sore in those areas. I think it's cuz I work my legs and bootie out all the time. (I can donkey kick a bitch like nobodies business.) My arms were really sore after riding though, due to the fact that I was tightly clinging on for my dear life the whole time. =) Oh, my knees were hurting during the ride, but my friend said it's probably because they placed the footholder things up too high.

Here are some pics from Glenworth Valley.

<getting to know the horses before the ride.

<I looked like a midget on top of garnet. haha.
<the grounds were so pretty.
<These pretty birds were everywhere.

< This evil little magpie was tough shit. She was chasing people and pecking at their feet. My friend told me that those magies are mean little fuckers. They went bike riding once and the magpies were swooping down and pecking at their necks!

I have even more pics to come, but my friend still hasn't sent them.

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