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Sunday, September 21, 2008

My gallery...dissected

So I decided to edit this post and add more about each individual shoot and concept....

So these are self-portraits shot with my trusty remote. Each set has 2 photos that sort of tell a story or teach a lesson.

Originally, each of these sets were supposed to have 3 photos. First was supposed to be a photo of getting caught in the act. Second shot would be punishment. Third shot would be the result of the punishment. The basic idea is pretty self-explanatory. The reason why my 3 photo idea was clipped was pretty much a timing issue. These ideas were pretty much stewing in my brain for a while, yet never worked on despite the fact that I knew eventually I was gallery. I'm the worlds worst procrastinator. One week before my book party, I final realized, "oh shit, I haven't even started on my gallery project. I had 7 days to get all of these shot, printed and framed. So I had to cut the first image for each "story". I also had 2 other "stories" that I didn't even get the chance to add. I think I might work on them if we have another gallery, but I'm actually in the process of starting a whole nother idear. Whew. Maybe I can just make a set of prequels to go with these stories somewhere along the line.

Spankings....My initial idea for this piece was supposed to be the kid getting caught looking at dirty magazines. I had fun at the Pleasure Chest picking funny magazines with ridiculous covers. Big booty mag was one, I think one Hustler....
<Anyhow, the second set was supposed to have the Adult figure spanking the child with one of the rolled up magazines. I actually have lots of shots with and without the magazine in case I ever get around to the prequel. This shot was probably one of the easier of the bunch. I basically just photoshopped the remote out of the picture. The only annoying part was getting the male model to remember to flex his hand so it didn't just look like he was waving at the door. Yeesh. Oh yeah and my boobs were getting smashed pretty bad.

<This is of course the adult with a taste for spankings. Those are actually all of my own personal butt whooping mechanisms. =P They don't usually hang in my closet like that. That's actually a rack I use to hang some of my many bras. The bruises...haha.

Kids shouldn't smoke
<Okay. This is hands down the hardest shoot I have ever executed. The expression on my face was no exaggeration. I was in pain. Choking. The cigarettes were actually lit. I tried really hard breathing slowly through my nose, but the smoke was coming in through my mouth and nostrils it was nauseating! Plus, I wanted to look like a kid, so I shot from a high angle. I had to check the composition and everything to make sure the shots were okay by walking over a bunch of wires and climbing a step ladder with the lit cigs still in my mouth.....omg. On top of all of that, the hand model kept laughing. So I was trying not to laugh, but it was hard not to because I felt fuckin ridiculous. haha. The middle eventually started burning really fast compared to the rest of the pack and it start a gnarly flare up. I'm lucky I didn't catch fire. I threw the pack in the bathroom sink and worked with what I had. If you look real hard, you can see the remote in this photo. I purposely left it in the clutter. I don't know why.
< Ahh...definitely not half as hard as the kid cigarette shoot. This was actually taken right after Ranila's bday party. I was so drunk here. haha. I was pressed for time. I basically made the cigarette holder with a cockring, a piece of bamboo, and some black floral tape. Yeah, I pretty much slapped it all together, but I think it turned out great. I love that dress. I bought it earlier that day at Guess. =)

This next set was basically supposed to be 2 different stories, but I just condensed them. I won't get into what the stories were supposed to be because I don't feel like it. haha.
< The first photo was supposed to be of a kid being violent and disruptive in class, hence the rules in red. I've always wanted a shoot in a dunce cap, but in a hot bikini or something, but it wouldn't have fit this story. The dunce cap I made was a bit small and it kept falling off. The rope...I can't believe it was a stupid small piece of bondage hemp rope from Pleasure Chest that was $34. I didn't notice the price till I got home, but what a rip off.

<The book I'm reading is called Revenge. This is some of my favorite restraint gear. haha. My left wrist is connected to my left ankle which is connected to the leg bar, which is connected to my right leg. haha. Reminds me of that song about bones... The neck bone's connected to the right wrist bone. Okay, That was retarded. Oh yeah the particular corset I'm wearing slims me down to 18 inches. Yeah it's sick, maybe unhealthy, but I'm a huge fan of corset training. When I wear one, I look so hot it's crazy. I love looking cartoonish with crazy proportions. Another funny thing...If you look really close, my leash has little penises on the handle . haha. Yes, it's from pleasure chest.

Cleaning the dirty mouth....
dirty mouth<The soap images! I don't know if the good Lord is punishing me for having a dirty truckers mouth, but by some terrible act of fate, I had to shoot the soap-in-the-mouth photos in 3 DIFFERENT SHOOTS!!!! The first shoot, I accidentally moved the auto focus area off by a lot, and I couldn't tell by checking through the viewfinder because, well I had god damned soap in my mouth, so they were pretty much unusable. I was upset, but I shot a second round. This time I made sure that everything was good. I had to head out for 3 hrs. When I got home to check the memory card, THE IMAGES WERE NOT THERE!!! I almost cried! Well, I actually did cry. hehe. Yeah, I'm a girl and it sometimes happens. So I cried and finally did the 3rd and final shoot...with irish spring in my mouth. The sides of my lips and mouth were raw and felt burnt for a day after that shoot. Yeesh. Thanks, God. I'll try to keep my dirty mouth in check for a while....maybe

acquired taste<The easiest f all the sets. Actually this was the last photo I shot for the gallery, so I really didn't have much time to do anything fancy or crazy. I just wanted it done. The only sort of hard part was keeping myself from dropping the soap. The pump didn't work well, and I really wanted to show the soap coming out of it. Not nearly as tough as having a pack of lit cigarettes in your mouth. =P

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