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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Sunday night celebration at AsiaSF

I'll be writing about my SF trip in increments. It won't be in order because half of the photos are on my sisters camera.
After our final tiring day at the APE, we had reservations to eat at San Francisco's AsiaSF restaurant. Basically this hot joint has gender illusionists serve food and cocktails. They also have very fun hourly performances on the bar. The place is a huge blast. The food was pretty good. Actually I don't really remember if all the food was good because I got completely smashed, but I remember eating a lot. They had a lot of fun specialty cocktails. The service was great. It was the perfect end to our trip to San Francisco. I'm actually quite excited to know that they will be opening an AsiaSF in Hollywood in December. It's such a fun place and interesting place to visit.

Here are some pics from the evening. (Click to enlarge)

<Cobb and I enjoying our billionth gin gimlets.

<With our awesome Filipina server. Vivica rocks.
<Ice cream...I look facked up!!

The performers....These sassy ladies really know how to put on a show. They had lots of energy. The audience loved them. I was getting loud and rowdy cheering for them. I know how to appreciate a great performance. =)

<Vivica's first performance. hehe.

<She's holding fake boobies.

<Performing to the song "All By Myself" she was downing booze with pills and putting on a great show. Talk about a good drama queen. =)
<Vivica again as Tina Turner. Look how much fun the audience is having. =)
<You know you'd hit that. Some of these ladies were really passable-the kinds of illusionists that can make an average girl jealous.
The food clock wise from top left... Ahi Burgers-Freshly ground pan seared ahi tuna, with a teriyaki glaze & horseradish-Chinese cabbage slaw on a scallion focaccia roll; Sesame Steak Salad-Thinly sliced beef tenderloin, seared and tossed in a sesame dressing, piled atop crisp greens, red onions, mint and basil; Porcupines- shrimp, scallops & water chestnuts rolled in cellophane noodles, crisply fried & served with a plum wine-soy dipping sauce; Orange Lamb- lamb sirloin sautéed with a spicy orange glaze served with coconut jasmine rice & Thai cucumber salad; Truffled Soba Noodles- grilled portobello mushroom & asparagus slices, tossed with cool sesame soba noodles, white truffle oil & sweet 100 tomatoes; Tamarind Chicken Satay-marinated chicken breast, skewered & grilled, served with peanut sauce; Asia-dilla- a quesadilla stuffed with duck, jack cheese, cilantro & fresno peppers served with a sun-dried cherry crème fraiche
<Whatever happens in AsiaSF, doesn't stay in AsiaSF.
<Get a couple of drinks in him and he goes all "Hot Asian Youth" on us. No, you can't be in the calendar no matter who's cock you suck.

After AsiaSF, I think we hit up a few other bars. I don't really remember. We wandered around for a while, I sort of blacked out at that time. Then we ended up at some diner.
<So not sexy. haha <I couldn't look any drunker.

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