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Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy F*cking New Year, Everyone! Warning:Lots of pics

I woke up feeling pretty shitty. I actually went to bed at 5am last night and still ended up waking up at 4pm. 11 hrs of sleep bleh. I was supposed to go shopping then head over to Matsuhisa for dinner, but I was feeling nauseous after I showered and decided to cancel my plans. I fell back asleep and just woke up. Time to blog about Fucking New Year '09!
(click photos to enlarge)
For New Year's Eve we ended up going to Space Island. I initially planned on rocking my black tutu petticoat with a 20 inch corset, and a veiled top hat, but I figured that I should try to stay comfy since we intended on partying HARD til the break o' dawn. So I ended up wearing my super comfy YaG Couture zip-down hooded mini dress with some Uggs, and some gorilla tape for ummm wardrobe malfunctions. Earrings-bebe, necklace-Tiffany

^Comfy and ready to head out.

<Getting in from the cold.

Space Island was surprisingly empty this year. I guess it was good for us, since I'm not a huge fan of super crowded joints. We were able to find seats, and the even opened up the VIP area which would have been an extra $75 to pay for. Well, I probably would've been able to schmooze my way up there, but I didn't have to. So that was cool. I'm glad we got up to the VIP area because since the warehouse was pretty empty, it was fucking cold everywhere else. I'm so glad I chose my the hooded dress. I would've been freezing my ass off in the other outfit. I never bring a jacket or any nice purses to rave type clubs. I don't like to risk losing shit while I'm a kite. I felt bad for the people running the place though. They said they pretty much took a $10,000 hit because of the terrible turn out. Pretty sad, but at least we had a good time.
<eh right before the countdown. Waiting for the stroke of midnight....
<me and the sis trying to get people excited for the new year.
<borrowed someones light-up glasses for a photo.
<Umm. haha.
<Hot asian youth showing off his skills. Wtf?

<Bam! kicked it up a notch.
<Okay, peacock lady wins.
<asked her to pose with me. I'm pretty sure I have a pick with the same lady doing the same pose from bondage ball back in the day. haha.
<Goofin' off
<Dweebin' out. He has a pic of my ass on his shirt. from our second book, Zombie Cadence.
<with one of the starlets of the "Hot Asian Youth" Homo-Erotic calendar in the flesh. Since '06...damn! haha.

<Omg. haha!

<a sea of friends. aww. this was before the ceiling started falling on us because of all the loud ass bass.
<Mmm... look what I found in the VIP.
< =)
<The beautiful people...
<The little sis finally showed up from Giant. No way I was gonna go to an outdoor venue, but I heard it was nice.
<with the sisters and broseph.
<with the new sis in training.

We ended up leaving around 6am to continue at my sisters house. I have to say, I don't think I've partied this hard in years.

I basically kept drinking till something in my brain told me that if I were to go any further I'd be dead. This is the first time that my brain was like, woe slow down cow girl. So I stopped and woke up in the middle of the hardwood floor unable to move for 20 minutes, but feeling fucking awesome. hahaha. Some people will never go through life seeing what I've seen, and that's good for them. As for me, I'll try anything at least once. I don't like the feeling of missing out and I'm not afraid to fall. It's about falling down and picking yourself up.

Man, it's fucking '09 now. I'm actually glad '08 is over. I don't think I've gotten more sick in any other year. '08 pretty much sucked a lot of ass to me. I have a feeling '09 is going to be so much better. I'm pretty excited about it. =)

I don't usually get into the whole resolution thing. It's sort of like making a promise to yourself, and I am the kind of girl who NEVER makes a promise that she can't keep. So I usually make pretty broad or lame resolutions that include words like "try" in them. I will TRY not to randomly punch strangers in the neck...shit like that. This year, I actually thought more about my resolutions. It's my chance to actually force myself to do better.

In '09 I WILL:
1. Spend more time with my family. At this point any amount of time is more than what I've been putting in. I can do better than how I've been doing. This year family comes before everything...including money, bros, and hos.
2. Finish my big secret project. Hell yes! By the hammer of Thor, you guys are gonna love this shit.
3. Be more artistic. I'm going to take at least 1 set of artistic photos a month, aside from regular work shit.
4. Go back to school. I left school with a 4.0 and only 2 classes away from transferring to UCLA through the TAG program. Why did I quit? I had big changes in my life and I started a new life. I got a new job and started making lots of money. I decided I liked making lots of money. Why go back? Well, I actually know what I want to do now. Before I was unsure and I didn't want to commit. I will take at least 2 classes this year to start shit up slowly. =)
5. Be more social on a more real level. This is way too complicated to explain.
6. TRY to drink less. haha.
7. Continue to be more patient with the jerks and morons that poison this earth. I'm better off not getting involved with stupid bullshit, like THEIR drama.
8. Spend my money more wisely.
9. TRY to be more positive about life. I have a really dark cynical side that I need to learn to keep at bay before it tears me apart from the inside out.
10. To start driving again. This is kind of an embarrassing one. I pretty much stopped driving about 3 years ago out of stress and really sheer laziness. Time to get back behind the wheel.
11. oh yeah, TRY not to randomly punch people in the neck.

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope '09 will be joyful, prosperous, and totally awesome! xoxo <I'll end this entry with a cute/random pic of Pam using my fun bags as a pillow. Aww...


MiuMiu said...

Looking hot!
your food pictures make me droooool

Kimberly Tia said...

Seriously... your photos are such friggin jokes, each one just gets better and better. and I love the strategic placement of "hands and flowers"


and you have a sackboy too, cuteness, we'll have to get them together for a sackboy photo shoot.. puwahahhaha

so glad you're here with all us ladies on blogger girl! It'll take some getting used to, but so far, I think you nailed it down and "git'er done"

now post up more food porn.... DROOL.

LadyJane said...

I no longer wonder why your blog started with a 'no youngins allowed' blurb lol.

#7 - Um. Why would you want to be more patient with them? Then again, I waste a lot of energy getting angry and annoyed with these idiots.

Thanks for visiting my blog, you're freakin hot.