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Friday, January 9, 2009

Pink's contest: The Good Wife and more food

I've never done any of these blog contest thingamajigs and I'm actually feeling a bit shy about it. Me, shy? haha. Well, I decided to do it because it seemed like a fun way to get a monthly photo shoot done and I am still courting Ms.Pink. I'm all about killing as many birds as I can with one stone. You feel me? So here's my entry... (click photos to enlarge)

she's perky, congenial, enchanting, and sweet
she smells like vanilla and freshly baked treats

his family loves her, especially his mom
he couldn't buy a better girl through

she cooks up a storm as she irons his clothes
and when he is busy she tivos his shows.

she strives for perfection, she's never a mess
works gracefully in heels and corseted dress

she never will argue, she only agrees
she patiently strives to keep him at ease

he feels lucky to see that she knows her place
he makes trips to the kitchen to admire her... face

to him she's perfection, she's his whole life
but when he's away she's in bed with your wife

after 3 years of bliss, she's a citizen can't find her
she fled with your lady. she loves the vaginer.

Shit, you know you like my rhyming skills. Pfsh! haha. Okay. Okay. So I rhymed find her with vaginer... sue me. I actually enjoyed getting all dolled up for my pretty Pink kitty. I'm not really doing this to win. This was just the perfect way to get my creative juices flowing. =)

The outfit: corset-Trashy lingerie, fishnet top-I forget, tutu-hot topic, stockings-legs ave, glove- hot topic, shoes-cathy jean, choker-hot topic, necklace-na hoku (a xmas gift... white gold with a beautiful tahitian pearl and diamonds...thanks, I fucking love it!), bracelets-hot topic/1928, apron- I pretty much ghetto rigged it. It's a tube bra with a lace garter pinned to the bottom held up by a lace bow. Oh and the eyelashes I'm sporting I got from my secret santa Maria at Pink's pow wow. Love them! =)

^Dress-three dots, boots-Steve Madden 50% off =)
I went to gulfstream at the Century City mall last night. Gulfstream is a nice healthy seafood restaurant. They have a full bar and a decent wine selection. The ambiance is casual and modern. It's a pretty little joint. The service is friendly and quick.
room from my seat
dozen oysters appetizer. yum.
artichokes. perfectly seasoned. very fresh and tasty. some of the best artichokes I've had.
crab cakes. these are my favorite crab cakes. it has huge pieces of sweet delicious crab. if you go here for the first time, get the god damned things.
close up of the crab meat. fuck yeah.
I like gulfstream because the food is really healthy, simple, and fresh. My favorites are the artichokes and crab cakes. They also have really delicious fresh fish entrees. I don't think the specialty drinks on their drink menu are great, but they can make your favorite standard drink. Well, they actually do have a pretty good pomegranate martini. Which I had as my dessert cocktail, since those dopes don't make chocolate martinis.

After dinner, I was really craving chocolate, so we stopped by Leonidos to try it out.
I only got a couple of pieces. They are pretty damned good. I wish I bought more. The texture was nice and velvety and the flavors were fricken good. Fuck, I really wish I bought more.
Guess that all, folks. xoxo


L said...

*throws in the towel*

ok now im REALLY not doin tha contest! LOL

I just want that outfit for kicks! not that it will even cova my peanut m&m bewbies. LMFAO.

xppinkx said...


I FUCKING LOVE THIS!!!!...i totally did not expect you ironing!!!...i mean seriously you iron...i dint know that!!! im blasted away...i think this limrick is by far the most hilarious!!!!...

to him she's perfection, she's his whole life
but when he's away she's in bed with your wife
after 3 years of bliss, she's a citizen can't find her
she fled with your lady. she loves the vaginer.

brilliant!!! ...

so warm my bed bitch!!!!



i need the HTML code for this post!!!

so i can copy and past this on my page ASAP...

email me hun

your insane trollop!

Kimberly Tia said...


I lovee love loveeeeee this - I'm blown away by it all, the friggin poetic work is kick ass..and the whole ensemble...

*bow down* I think you officially owned us all... HOT HOT HOT as only a viLynn can do...

I'll be like pink and stalk you like a horny pervert boy...

Katrina said...

oh wow!!

everything is hot!!

Emeria said...

You are too creative lynn! All those creative type photos of yours are sooo fun to see and so unique. I love it. And your whole rhyme got me laughing... I think yours will probably will end up as one of the top picks (i hope noone gets offended by me saying that)..

and i wanna go on food runs with you!!

Kimberly Tia said...

hey girlie --

yah i would say the bb creams are about comparable to dior's tinted moisturizer, at least so I've been told. I actually wanted to try dior's tinted moisturizer myself.

But BB Creams are fun to play in, but then I guess it's partly due to my obsession in asian beauty products too.
You should give them a try, I know there's a few that Pam favorites, and most of the gals on here have been using l'egere. =) hope that somewhat helps.

kawaiikao said...

thanks! every time i visit pink's site to see the entries i catch myself always looking at yours!! i love your outfit and you're so sexy!! i can't wait to meet you at the next pow wow which will be hopefully soon when she moves out here!

Star Provocateur said...

Oh yeah girl, you can take me away from my man anytime.... U SEXY piece of ass! LOVE IT!

spankedelic said...

i loved your entry for pink and is that richard cheese i hear in the background?!? lol. i love his music! so lounge-y sounding. lol. anywhooooo, you did a great job. i am not gonna join. or i don't think so. i told everyone if i were going to join, i'd have to do it naked. lol =)

LadyJane said...

Damn. You guys just keep getting better and better. Love all the pics and the rhyming is brilliant. I agree with L - there's no way I'm gonna bother with the contest now!

paperdollrevenge said...

You win!!! lol and we all know it! I love the photo set, and what you wrote goes perfectly with the photos!! And I knew I prob wasn't going to do Pink's contest, but now I KNOW...haha, wouldn't want my entry to look all pathetic next to yours! Great job!!! =)

gee-ya said...

three letters... W...O...W...

Kimberly Tia said...

ohhhh yes! yes!

I DO have the Kevyn Aucoin books, and I flip thru them religiously, I still need to get his biography book too.

but you should definetly try to find this NARS one girl, it's fabulous too, not as beautifully done and photographed as Kevyn's but a good must-have for makeup book collections!!!

MmMm so where's the next food adventure... food is LOVE.

tokyostargirl said...

you did an AWESOME job!

fuzkittie said...

OMG! YOu're super hot! xD Drool~~

You should try L'egere!! Still my fave BB cream by far after trying so many.

PiinkCupcakez said...

your so gorgeous! it sickens me.. *jealous* lol=]

spankedelic said...

every time i go on your page, i laugh. gotta love that richard cheese! thanks for the comment. my dogs make me laugh. lol. gio is such a brat. he has issues =)

PamCakes said...

Super Duper HOT! Good luck :)

Yarayuki said...

this entry was awesome, you did a reallllly good job! and you got some fabulous ta-ta's as well XD

rockSTARbeauty said...

YOU'RE THE HOTNESS!! your contest entry is definitely something to be reckoned with! love it