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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Awards...10 honest things about me

So I got some awards from lil' Nunu, Pretty eyes, and my Soulfood Sista . I don't feel like following the rules and nominating other people. Everyone I follow was probably awarded already. I did however find one of the awards interesting. The task gave me something to do while breaking from other tasks.

10 honest things about me. In no particular order...

*warning* this might be TMI for some people...I think I over thought this a bit much and have some long, drawn-out answers... I just started writing this and leaving it alone for a while then slowly adding more and eventually it became this monster of a at your own risk...(click photos to enlarge)

1. I hate talking on the phone. I don't know if I dislike the feeling of holding a phone or just having to focus my concentration on someone talking into my ear, but I always feel trapped and a bit irritated when I'm on the phone. So I rarely answer the phone and usually just text message people. That way, I can get my point across without having to answer a bunch of lame questions that are customary in regular phone conversations. ie. "So what have you been up to?"..."How are you?"... Not on my clock... You ask me a question that needs an answer via voicemail or text message, and I will text you that very answer along with a smiley or sad face. End of story.

^Talking on the phone in my regular uncomfortable fashion.

2. Speaking of honesty, I'm super honest. I'm a terrible liar because I fucking hate lying. I rarely ever lie and I never make promises that I can't keep. I may sometimes hold back information, but if you ask me a question, I'll give you the 100% truth. I'd rather tell the truth and risk having someone dislike me than lie. Actually, my honesty has gotten me in to a bit of trouble in the past. I used to be brutally honest, but I've learned to just keep my mouth shut nowadays. I can honestly tell you how many times I've lied in the past month...0. Sometimes I'm sarcastic, but my sarcasm is so blunt and obvious that if you think I'm telling the truth when I'm joking, you should probably get back on the short bus and go home. You wouldn't want to be dwelling in my whereabouts with a noggin that dim. I also have very little tolerance for people who lie. If I catch you lying, you can pretty much assume that I won't like you or take you seriously for a long time.

^Speaking the truth comes with consequences that I can live with.

3. Never a bridesmaid, once a bride.Ooh...shocking, aint it? Hahaha! Yeah, someone actually tricked me, once. Never again. It's actually a funny story. If you take me out for a ice cream float, I'll tell you all about it.
^Yes, I was a young, beautiful bride. I scanned this pic a long time ago, so it's real tiny, but can anyone see the tiara that Tootsie was rockin' ? haha.

4. I'm an artist....a Jill of many trades. I can take a decent photo, paint, draw, sculpt, sew, and build shit. The first job I had was drawing and painting family portraits for $50-100 a pop, when I was a teen. That was a shitload of money to me back then... The walls in my old room were painted up with murals of people and demons...sadly I don't have a photo of it...Hmm...i guess I'm also not too shabby with a makeup brush, same as painting, right? I'm also a pretty handy bitch, when I have time. I put wood floors in my old office on my own. I've built tv stands and shelving units. I've ripped out old flooring re-tiled my sister's old living room. I've refinished dining tables, and whole living room sets for myself and my ex's family....all on my own. I know my way around a tool box. Now, I would rather pay someone to fix even minor shit that I know I could fix on my own...sigh...time is money. ^I don't have much of my work scanned but these were deteriorating sketches that a drew on a school folder when I was in 9th grade.
^I thought this was funny. The first sketch I ever made when I bought my first cheap wacom tablet. It was tiny. Don't mind the stupid background. haha. This character is more of an inside joke. I've been drawing this dude since I was about 10 for my older sister. He was an old dom...used to crack us up. Yeah, we were weird kids.

^All of my self portraits have a meaning and back story to it. It's my art. It's who I am.

5. I love music. Music is extremely important to me. I listen to music about 80% of my waking hours. I can play the piano, the trumpet, sing, and I'm quite skilled at the skin flute. haha. Seriously though. I love music. My music collection is quite eclectic. Classic rock, metal, electronic, rap, hip hop, r&b, the list goes on and on. I love dancing, I love great lyrics, I love singing along. I just love how music can evoke certain emotions in me and change my certain songs bring back specific memories...

6. The apple definitely didn't fall far from the tree. I get most of my traits from my dad. He can fight. (I once saw him do some flying kick karate-like move on some punk who was harassing us when I was 8, no joke.) He was into photography. He shot everything manually with a film slr that he got in the 80's up until I got him a d70s. He even has tons of self portraits that he shot of his self in different outfits. haha.
^Some of my dad's work. haha.

My dad wanted to be a chef, I think he still does. My dad is constantly building stuff and works on projects in his spare time. He's a joker and likes to play pranks, talk shit, and drive my mom crazy. (just like me, hah) He's hilarious. He also shares a huge love from music. He has a huge classic rock record collection. I remember riding in the car with him and he'd be playing a mix tape that he would put together, "Do you know who sings this? It's Led Zeppelin, Black Dog. A classic." He knew the lyrics to most of the music he played and would sometimes sing and play the keyboard along with the music. He loves borrowing my karaoke machine so when we come over he has the numbers of songs he wants to sing memorized or written down, so he can kick ass while everyone tries to hog the book. haha. I also have his explosive temper and his Filipino nose. =P He's an all around bad ass, like his daughter.
^It takes a confident man to rock such an outfit. haha. On his wall it says "Rebel Nilo with the male symbol for the 'O'. Cracks me up. I still want to write about him, and my beautiful mom...when I have time.

7. My worst beating was actually by a bunch of females. Being in violent relationships as a teen made me into a tough chick. I've been strangled, body slammed, dragged around by my hair, had my body slammed in a door, and even burnt with cigarettes by men. Sounds fucked up, but what didn't kill me made me stronger. I can fight like a dude, no joke. I've knocked bitches (male and female) out in my day. But I got jumped by 5 losers while leaving my sister's bday party in 9/11/05. They pulled me by my hair from behind threw me down and kicked me in my face and all over my body. I had 5 stitches on my face, a broken nose, and other cuts and bruises all over my body. They also did the same thing to another girl the same night. Only one got caught and was sentenced, but I'm sure the rest of them are far worse off than I'll ever be. I don't even feel angry about it anymore. I just feel sorry for the kids that those scummy broads are going to bring into this world one of these days. Gives me the chills...

^after. As you can see, Pixi eyeshadow sealant I used works wonders!

8. I'm more like a guy when it comes to relationships. I'm not very affectionate or loving. I like my space. I can be violent, as I rule with an iron fist. I'm not clingy. I don't get attached very easily. I actually grow tired of guys quite easily. If I see a person more than a few times, they usually start to irritate me one way or another. I just like to have my fun and move on. I'm extremely picky with who I keep in my busy life. If you're clingy or needy, I'll discard you like last week's rubbish. I grew up with 4 sisters (two older, two younger, I'm the exact middle), so I like to be left on my own most of the time, but I hate being alone in my empty home. I leave music playing, so my house won't sound empty. I like the feeling that someone's around, but doing their own thing and out of my way.

9. My first love was food and cooking, but now I rarely cook. I started cooking when I was around 9 and being an ex-housewife, I would spend many hours of my day cooking away. I used to love cooking... I would research about the foods that I loved and cook everything from scratch. I never took shortcuts, and everything I made had to be made the right way, or I wouldn't make it at all. My favorite dishes were often the complex and rare. I didn't mind spending a day in the kitchen because I savored the outcome. Sadly, I have no time to cook these days, but I do the whole fine dining deal. I love to eat. I love great food. If I lost my sense of taste, I'd lose a lot of what I have to live for. I owe someone a dinner, so perhaps I'll post about the extravagant meal that I make. I haven't lost my touch, just my time. My sisters still call me and tell me the ingredients they have on hand and I can tell them over the phone how to put together a lovely meal. =)
^Stolen from my favorite Pink Kitty

10. I've always been a gamer. I love puzzles and video games. Ever since I can remember, I've loved games. We got a Nintendo when it first came out, and growing up, video games were a part of my daily life. I don't play video games as much as I used to because I get obsessed and all my time gets consumed with game play. I can be quite competitive and I don't like to stop playing a game until I've beat it. I also used to play WoW, which was really bad. There's always something to do, always someone better. It's like a never ending game. I currently own an original nintendo (yes, it still works), Super Nintendo, Wii, ps2, ps3, psp, will only keep growing as time goes by. I love solving puzzles and playing games. My mind constantly needs to be stimulated, so if I'm not busy while I'm watching tv or a movie, I build things with mega blocks or put a puzzle together. I even play yahoo games or websudoku, if I can't sleep when I'm traveling.

Guess that's it. Tired of me yet? Shit, I got tired of me after writing this. =P


ilovewendydarling said...

Wow! You look so stunning and beautiful in that wedding dress!:]

I wish i could buy you a float and hear the story behind that photo<3

Aw, you would hate me then. I am a very clingy person. I always make sure that who ever is with me in the house has eaten, brushed their teeth and taken a shower 0____0;; I'm such a mom, pfft~.

Anyhow, I can't believe those crazy bitches! That's such a low-life move. But, DAMN! it still took 5 bitches to take you down; that's something to be proud of!:] I probably couldn't have even taken 1 crazy bitch :[

I'm so glad that you've gone away from those types of douche bag guys. I think someone as talented, witty and gorgeous as you are, you shouldn't have to put up with that crap. Some men just need to get their dicks CHOPPED OFF and have it fed to them!

Anyhow, I really enjoyed your 10 questions post:]

Thanks for sharing<3

By the way, how is your liver doing????

Katrina M said...

you are one down ass chick!! you totally remind me of my bff!!! Yes u r one talented artist! i don't know you, but i just know u r one strong woman. Physically and Mentally!

Anonymous said...

omg i feel like i already know you so well! like if i ever met you in person, i'd feel totally comfortable, haha! your life is so interesting, you could seriously write an autobiography or something. and i'd totally read it! it was especially interesting to read about your phone habits & how you got beat up all the time (& how you kick ass) - i can totally relate about the phone thing! ugh i always feel so uncomfortable on the phone, unless it's someone i know REALLY well, like family-close :) because i can't see them face to face, can't read their body language, it's just weird talking to little hand-held thing when you don't see them - so iChat & instant messaging for me :D i'm sorry you had such a tough life but at least it made you the fabulous, fierce, strong person you are today! you're seriously like my freaken IDOL! keep on truckin & thanks for the fascinating post :D

MiuMiu said...

wow i wish my life was more interesting now hehe.
damn those bitches! i hope they tripped on somethin. but're one tough girl! i wouldn't wanna mess with you XD

L said...

Wow Lynn, you are fuckin gangsta. Thank you, thank you for sharin' these 10 truths about you. I must admit, you are damn intimidating but I always found you interesting since Pink referred me to you and tha things you do. I think it's its dope that you are so damn talented and can pop off if need be. Esp. in a place like LA. And I really got pissed when I saw that photo... I hope you ripped their tits off. Yo'pops is handsome man and hell yes he's got that swagga - just like you. Would love to meet witcha one day when I get back to Cali, but if not, please come visit me in Hawaii (im tellin PINK to come with too) in 2011.

Ps. Textin' is tha shit.

GiGi said...

I know how it is to want to be alone, but then you wish your house wasn't empty. I have no family here & hate being alone all the time, but when they come out I want them to leave. Strange!

I don't ever lie, & I feel like a human lie detector, I so know when people lie. People want honesty, but they really can't handle it! So I 'd rather say nothing at all than go along with BS!

Gemma said...

You're such a beautiful person! Very interesting post-was fun to read! Your dad reminds me of my dad. He wore tight ass BeeGees 1970s pants, loves karaoke, had an afro, and always wore a leather jacket with dress pants instead of a suit to my school functions lol!

xppinkx said...


after reading this shit it makes me have even more questions...its like who what where when....ughhh i have a on m death bed and im using my last drop of energy to type this comment...dude that picture of your face is insane!!! cambo bitches!!! and butt burns...ohhh helll much to ask but my head hurts...and man your dad is THE SHIT!!!!

i love you...


♥ Kendall ♥ said...

Sup Soul Food Sista!!! I love how you had pictures to go with every story!
You poppa dukes sounds like a cool old g'!
I'm not a big phone person either. I think it's the ADD in me. I never pay attention cause I'm usually doing something else, then I hear "Kendall"? "KENDALL"!!? HELLO?! Then I'm like ohhh yeah, I'm on the phone...

Beauty is Androgynous said...

dang some crazy stuff!

number 2 is just like me! i hate lying too!! ughh.
and i hate being lied to.
im not brutally honest but if i dont like you i dont pretend to like u.
i feel like pretending to like someone is lying too. so yeah.

i know what u mean.

dang u were married? wel u made a lovely bride.

it must have been horrible being jumped. ugh.

Kasumi said...

you're so talented! A well rounded woman. I like!
I love that soap picture. it's so cute lol.

Katrina ♥ said...

my hero.

Emeria said...

lynn i absolutely love this're sucha artistic creative genius..thanks for sharing some of damn interesting!

Anastacia said...

Gorgeous blog! Gorgeous pix!!

Joey said...

You make such a beautiful bride! (: But I wouldn't have pegged you for being married already! You seem soo independent and such.

Girls are vicious. I've never been in a fight, but that's mostly because they didn't want to get in trouble at school (ha!).. but I'm glad you're not still angry at them for fucking you up so badly.. and for no reason?? Glad to see you're being the bigger person!

I didn't get to talk to you much at the Pow Wow, but I like you (:

ko0ty said...

Wow your one tough cookie!

I'd love to have someone to call to tell me how to make a great meal from the miscellaneous ingredients in my fridge. I can't cook for shit!! I need more imagination. =(

Sher said...

wow your dad sounds super cool! I can't even talk to my parents. My mom cannot hold a convo with me without yelling.
Those punches look painful!
I thought I'd hate cooking because my mom would force me to do it ( can you tell I dont get along?) but ever since me and the bf started cooking I loove it :) I love those photos you added, it made the entry extra interesting :)

Rachel said...

Cool post! I came over to your page from Pink's blog. The package you sent her was so awesome! Anyway I had a random but burning question to ask since I couldn't figure it out myself...I am in love with those gloves you sent her, and I was wondering where you bought them? I've been googling like crazy but I have no idea what they're called..ahh!

Jaime Dollaga said...

wow! you have had one extraordinary life. I can't believe those bitches did that to you. But judging from how you are now that stuff didn't phase you. I enjoyed reading your post, you are both beautiful and talented.

paperdollrevenge said...

I think I just fell in love with you! hehe No but seriously, you are such an intriguing, intelligent and talented woman!

I'm there with you on number 2. I used to be so straightforward and sometimes brutally honest...then I learned people weren't all that way, so I just observe and keep my thoughts to myself until I really trust someone. So...I don't lie, I'm just intentionally vague or don't say everything on my mind.

3 is such a surprise! But you make a beautiful bride! 4, I already had an idea but it's great to see your old artwork and read about the stories. 6 is so awesome! 7...those were some jealous haters, for sure! But...what goes around comes around...they will get theirs, if they haven't already!

Keep doing your thing and stay sexy!! I hope you're doing well. =)