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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Gay for Thundercats and My Pink Kitty*EDIT* part of the end of this entry didn't post*

I'm so backed up with posts. I have a gazillion restaurant reviews and stories...i have so many's crazy. This blog is what it is-my web diary. I really like to keep up with my posts because I like to document shit as it happens. It's actually useful for me for future reference esp when it comes to restaurant selection and remembering what I've worn to dates and events. =P So I guess I'll post a bit here and there, just with less rambling, which won't be a very easy feat, but I'll try.

Here are a few photos I found from February. I went to Hollywood to buy some props for my calendar.
Here's what I wore
^Thundercats shirt from Aahs! (Forgot the brand since I cut the label off), Brown Tank-Mossimo (from target), Slacks-Guess, Hat-from some shop in SF, Sneaks- Diesel
^I was so gay for Thundercats when I was a kid. I used to fantasize that Lion-O was my boyfriend. Nothing rated R or anything. Come on, he's a cartoon. He would just protect me and hang out with me in my fantasies. My rated-R childhood crushes were Patrick Swayze, David Bowie, Jack Tripper (threes company), Prince, and Ricky Ricardo. (to name a few) Yeah, I liked variety... who doesn't?...actually I liked a strange mix. haha.

On the way to Hollywood...
So LA Tigers is your 1 stop tiger shop with all your tiger needs. With an array of stuffed tigers from white tigers... to spotted solid black tigers. What more could a tiger lover ask for. They come in a variety of sizes from large to extra large! hahaha!
I always fucking pass this place when I take side streets to Hollywood. It's on La Brea. It's been open for a while and I always crack up and ask myself why and how? It does cheer me up because its hilarious. Is there really a market for stuffed tigers in today's economy? Apparently so. So I finally took a photo of the stand (in February) while I was sporting my Thundercats shirt. Quite the fitting story, wouldn't you say? =P

So on Hollywood Blvd there is a restaurant called Greco's Pizza. There are actually two Greco's, one is near Ripley's, the other is further away from all of the hoopla (east I believe, towards the seedier side) near the hollywood halloween store and all the stripper/drag queen shops. The Greco's on the seedier side is actually way better. Don't ask me why. It's just a mere conclusion from my personal experience. I've been to both a few times and the food from one Greco's is clearly better than the other. So what do you order from Greco's? The pizza is fine. It's a standard new york style thin crust, but what I really love is the lamb Gyro.
So fucking good. ask for extra sauce and smother that shit, like your ex-lover and savor the bitch. It comes with fries or a salad. The fries aren't too good. The salad seems suspect, but the Gyro is plenty for me and we all know what a glutton I am. Just get it with the fries and give them to a nearby homeless person . You'll spot plenty of them on Hollywood Blvd. I like to pour them in my purse and just sprinkle them as I skip about like some sort of french fry fairy princess. Okay I don't really do that, but seriously give your fries to a homeless guy and Jesus will add extra minutes to your life. I don't make the rules, folks.

A Gift from My Pink Love

I know this is really late, but a while back, I received a very special package in the mail. A love pack from my favorite Pink Kitty. She's a genuine person. A real bitch, like me. I sniffed out her awesomeness from miles away (as true bitches do) and I've been in computer love ever since. She knows exactly how I feel about her. I'd throw some bows for the little lady if she got herself in a bind, not that I can't already tell that she could probably hold her own with punks twice her size. I have some sort of weird spiritual bond with my pretty Pink cat. I see a lot of her in me, which is probably why I have such a crush on her. =P I'm so gay for her and myself. Yeah, I said it. Okay now I'm doing what I said I wouldn't do-rambling. I guess it's hard to express to people how much love I have for this girl and how great I think she is, but I'm sure lots of you ladies feel the same way about her, but just not as homo-erotically. =P

She got me:
1. Darkness lashes- I'd been wanting to try them, and I love them! So thick and pretty
2. Awesome ice trays. I so want to make these gummy shot glasses with the shot glass ice tray. Could you imagine yummy Haribo shots. mmm mmm bitch! =P
3. Some lovely hair pieces. So me! I love them!
4. Lace and plaid stockings. You know I'll be rockin' them then cam whoring in them just for Pink. =)
5. A bunch of really cool masks. I haven't tried any yet because I want to post some sort of funny video on them. I really want to try them though.
6. Vincent longo makeup in some really pretty neutral colors. Perfect for my daily natural look.
7 Boston Cream Pie coffee. I drink this almost every day, since alcohol is no longer my daily fuel. I have to drink coffee like a regular adult. This stuff makes my house smell so yummy when it brews. Love it!

* the next two paragraphs were cut from the original post because of my careless use of making hearts with symbols. haha. yeah fucks with the html and apparently I didn't catch it till now. Good thing I had it backed up in my notepad...*
Pink, you're too fucking awesome. You totally deserve all the love you've been getting and then some. I'm glad you're feeling better. I really felt down to hear how sick you were. I can't wait for you to get down here. I can almost taste the jealousy people will be exuding as we go gallivanting the streets of LA like the true regal bitches that we are. Can we put fries in your Balenciaga so we can sprinkle them up and down Hollywood Blvd? No? Well, we can find other ways to have fun. My treat. =)

I also wanted to say thanks to all the ladies who have been really nice with all the positive comments. Thanks for the warm wishes for my gallery. This is actually what I ended up wearing...I wanted to have a sort of eccentric artist look. =)
^Cream and black ruffle blouse-lvlx, pants-bebe, black&white suspenders-Hot Topic, I like my hair pieces like I like my men- Big and black. haha. Big Flower head band- From Pink That's all folks. xoxo


Katrina M said...

oooh thundercat as ur bf..hahaha!!

so sweet of PINK to spoil u like that!! hmm well can't wait to see what u do w/them masks..hehe

when ur done making the gummy shots, pass me one or should i say a couple..hahaha

ilovewendydarling said...

I hadn't had me some 'Papouli's' in a long time:[

The sauce and the meat are divine:]
I guess it's a standard to make crap fries when ordering gyros? because the fries always do taste like crap.

*I loved that part.*

I <3 your casual day out looks. Still a good combo of chill, sexy and pretty:]
And that's so sweet of Pink to send you some goodies! Very nice.

Anyhow, I hope you're having an awesome week and please post more of your beautiful face and your yummy foodie posts! I love drooling all over my lappy for you and the food:]

Take care then and talk to you soon!

GiGi said...

The gyro looks so yummy. Isn't funny how places can't make good fries. How hard can it be, drop them in the oil & fry!

You always look amazing, but I love your first look with the tee. Sweetness :)

Mzz. Linhh said...

I LOVE tigers, more like lions actually. Ive always wanted to ride a lion..if it was ever possible and if I was small enough. BTW, I was reading the post where you listed facts about yourself and I think you are one of the most interesting person I've read about! You're 1 of a kind! :D

Kimberly Tia said...

Whaaaat NO HITACHI in this entry?!?!?

Just Kidding -- ahh just love the Pinky Kinky Love packs, she always does such a smash up job on nailing exactly what us girls need at just the right place and time.
So yah who doesn't love the betch!! rawr..

and how cuuute are you with a derby hat, you look like a hot golfing kitty. =)

I need to get one of my lolita hat pieces to you one of these days to play with, Im sure you'd look GORG... either hand over the mailing address or i'll go squeeze it out of pam. *wink*
email me kimberly.tia [at]

T said...

Damn the pic of the gyros made me hungryyy!

Peep my blog love...I have something sexy for ya...cause your always looking sexy!



wuzzyangel said...

This was a great entry!! And omg the food looks sooo good!!

Tigers?! Wow...!! LOL!!

I'm stalking you now hope it's okay!

xppinkx said...


i swear in LA you get some weird shit...when i was in Hollywood it was kinda creepy to me...i dunno i just got a creepy feel to it...when i was in NY for halloween a guy was dressed as thunder cat...he was orange and buff...i think you would have licked his puss...AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW you have our lesbian picture up...i loves it!!! hahahaha....GIRLS EAT YOUR FUCKING HEART OUT...i kissed those fish lips and rested my noggin on her marshamallows...AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA

eat a peen!

btw did you get my email on the evite for june i sent it back ages ago!!! im comming down for the IMATS you need to come!!! it a fucking convention for theatrical makeup and over 200 vendors will be there...then were doing korean bbq after...oh yeah there is a pants....ummm CHECK your email cuz i saw that you didnt open the evite yet...its JUNE 20th...i sent it to the hotmail addy...but i will send it to rodil one...

im soooooooooooooooo happy your drinking the coffee is there enough caffine in there?

dude...i can see you wearing the paper masks and saying...BABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBY RUTH BABBBBBBBBBBBBY RUTH...or HeLLLooooooo CLarice.......

OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH how did your gallery opening goooo!!! and your wore the flower toooo...cant wait for pictures...


PiinkCupcakez said...

lol @ the tiger shop

that gyro looks sooo good

and all those goodies u got.. luckyy! =]

Beauty is Androgynous said...


tiger needs hahah

its like, how do u even make money...???

Sher said...

I love both outfits! I remember watching thundercats... so many good cartoons back then!! That hair piece is great!

Kasumi said...

OMG THUNDERCATS! wow...that brings back memories.
The last pic. The outfit is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Thank u :) look at this emo boy one on this blog: