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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

How I created Tootsie's gold drag look...

So I said I took photos during my first transformation as Tootsie. I wasn't going to post them because I thought it'd take too much time, and this really isn't much of a beauty blog since I think there are so many great ones out there already. But a few of you requested it and I found a way to resize a batch of images all at once so it didn't take much time at all getting the pics together. I thought it'd be nice to share since I noticed everyone had used totally different techniques to put their looks together.

What I used: (lots of shit

Arcona Cranberry Toner
Arcona White magic moisturizer
Givenchy Mister Mat (my favorite new primer. I like it better than smashbox)
Maybelline coverstick concealer in light beige
Chanel lift lumiere eye contour concealer-beige lumiere
Makeup forever HD Foundation 120
Makeup Forever HD powder
Mac Accentuate/sculpt
Mac MSF Brunette
Milani Touch of brown quad (second darkest brown)

Kryolan brow plastic
Mac Blackground Paint pot
Mac Blackout Gel liner
Mac Brassy Gel liner
Mac Blacktied shadow

Loreal hip Flamboyant shadow (yellow side)
Mac Copper Sparkle pigment
Mac gold stroke pigment
Givenchy phenomen eyes mascara
mac lip pencil chestnut
Mac lipl acquer sheena

Here's what I did... (don't pay attention to how creepy my eyes look since my contacts were moving out of place all crazy like =P)

1. Start with a smooth canvas. I toned with arcona cranberry primer, moisturized with arcona white ice, primed entire face with Givenchy mister mat. When applying heavy makeup like this smoothing primer is a must to get things on smoothly. Yeah I'm not wearing makeup. I don't know why people make such a big deal about taking pics with no makeup. Sure it's a bit darker around the eyes, nose, and mouth, but that goes for just about everyone. I don't really wear makeup that often. I like letting my skin breathe. I think bare skin is beautiful.

2. The tricky part. I used Kryolan brow plastic to cover my brows. You get about a pea sized amount then push it into your brows. Try to get it between all hair crevices. Then smooth and flatten it out as much as possible. I used an eyeliner stick to flatten it. This took me 2 tries. Try to look at it at different angles to see how the light hits it. make sure the shine on it is smooth and not bumpy.
3. Let the brows dry for a bit then I added some hd powder to seal it. Then i used the maybelline cover stick concealer to cover the brows and my entire lid all the way to the lash line. I bought the cheap think concealer specifically for this look. It's thicker and stickier than higher end shit, but perfect for what I was going for.

4. I then added more highlights with the chanel concealer to the bridge of my nose, under the eyes and on the cheek bone, on the chin, and on my upper lip then blended it with my MUF foundation which is about a shade lighter than my natural skin tone. After that I added a thick layer of hd powder all over my face. Don't worry about it looking chalky. I did it think to catch mistake and follow out makeup.

5. I then drew on my brows with Mac's brassy since I was going for a gold look.

6. I got a piece of card board and sort of cut a curve in it ( i just used the box that my chanel pressed powder came in since it was the perfect size. Place it right where the brows end up and out toward the hairline. It's used as a guide for contouring. I used mac's sculpt. start at the guid the blend up and out. concentrating the darkest toward the guide. I also added the milani golden brown shadow right at the guide line to add more depth and slightly blended out.

7. I did the same process for the cheekbones. the guide touching the lips and leading to the ear. then added the sculpt half way between the two points. Same process as before blend up and out. I slowly built on the color. I don't have a heavy hand.

8. more blending. added more check bone shadowing with Mac MSF in Brunette swooping down from ear then up toward the nose, Rounding out the cheeks. Also added some shadows to my jaw bone. Using a fluffy eyeshadow blending brush I added the milani medium gold brown shadow to shade the sides of my nose slightly graduating out toward the cheek shadows. Blended this all with the hd powder making sure no blend away any harsh lines or clumpy whites.
Then I did the eyes. UD Vapor (silver white) on brow bone and lower lid. Mac blackground paint pot drawn at crease and slightly blended out. Then copper sparkle layered slightly above that. Then the Loreal yellow about that. Then a winged liner using Mac blacktrack gel liner.
9. I added Blacktied shadow over the blackground crease line. Then layered gold stroke over that and blended the shadows till I got the effect I wanted. Then I added false lashes and added the Givenchy mascara to the lower lashes. I drew in a beauty mark with black track. Finally, I overlined my lips with Mac chestnut lip pencil and filled it in with Mac's sheena lip lacquer and blended together, then added a dab of chanel concealer to the center of my lower lip and blended out more.

Hmm...probably not the best tutorial. Hope someone got something out of it. =) If you have any questions, just ask.


KiLLaCaM said...

that look is freaking AMAZING. it looks sooooooo drag its insanity.

I didn't even know that was you at first! my BF was looking over my shoulder like "you have weird blogger friends!" lol!

He just doesn't get it. fucker.

Marietta said...

No, it's great, I love the tutorial! This is how magic happens then..!

Katrina said...

you look gorgeous even without makeup! your skin is amazing! any beauty regimen that u want to share?:) and yea your contacts keep getting out of place haha aren't they suppose to just stay put on the round part? i envy your boobs. i wanna have mine done cause its sagging from the breastfeeding.

Nu Nu Doll said...

Damn girl you have some major talent, photography and make up?! What else are you good at? :)

Avartsy said...

Gosh, I think u did an amazing job, first time here and loving it so far...

GiGi said...

Of course your look is amazing, BUT your best look is of you without makeup! You look gorgeous!!.

Kimberly Tia said...

Wow -- you're stunning even w/out the makeup, and in drag your to die for.

I love the cardboard contour trick, awesome tutorial girl!!!

ilovewendydarling said...

WOW! 'Tootsie' truly is a work of lovely art!

Thanks for sharing your "how-to":]

Take care then and talk to you soon!

✿Ji✿ said...

Whaaa you have such a great skin, you don´t need any foundation at all!<3

xppinkx said...


damn woman you have some butter skin i tell you...i need to get on that arcona shit. GAHHHH i want that eye kryolan brow wax...i went ghetto and used a glue came out shitty...but ehhh...i love looking at step by step transformations its friggen awesome...i was wondering how the hell you made your cheek bones like that...cus it was pretty darn precise and nice...should have thought it was Ghetto stencils...DUHHHH!!!! man one of these days i wanna do your makeup...i dunno but let me draw on your face and let me take the pictures thinking of a fro using your real hair...and theatric just bring your leg spreader thing and a cat...and perhaps some peanut butter...i really think we should go out dressed as drag queens i dont think they could tell the difference...i want a clock...i want braids and gold teeth...and i want would be sooo fun...and umm we can get energized with still supporting you! PLEASE PLEASE DO ANOTHER LOOK ASAP AND A VIDEO....oh loving some more mutha fuckin how many licks does it get to the golden milky center...ONE TWO THREEEEE *clllllllllllluncch*....

btw i have hitachi magic wand following me i just need sybian to follow me...


btw what happened your decor greyhound????

kawaiikao said...

the cardboard cut out is genius!! i enjoyed the tutorial very much, thanks!

Beauty is Androgynous said...

this is great!=]
i was wondering how you did it too!!

PiinkCupcakez said...

u look so pretty with or without makeup!
love that cardboard idea
goodluck with the contest!

izumi said...

wow.. it's amazing how someone as pretty as you makes such an awesome drag queen. LOL. i hope that doesn't come off as an insult. you're just that awesome w/ makeup i guess :)

Makeup Mama said...

you look fierce. and I agree with katrina up there ^ about the boobs. damn breastfeeding.

I picture Tootsie hanging out in one of the clubs deep in manila. you know what I'm saying.

Katrina M said...

oh why do i just get excited everytime i see Tootsie!!!

AMAZING!!! i want to get my hands on that Kryolan wax thingy!!! the tutorial and please bring back tootsie!! i love it!

Katrina M said...

i forgot to ask u,but where did u buy the kryolan brow plastic?? i'm checking online but still curious where u got urs?

Anonymous said...

omg your skin is amazing! i literally opened my mouth and gasped, i can't believe that's your bare skin dude! i saw the pic and i was like WOW what foundation is that?! and it's NOTHING. :O so jealous! love how you used ghetto concealer for your brows and stencils for your cheekbones :D too fabulous for words! and i agree with pink, a video from you would be so neat! we wanna hear you talk :D lmao!

MAi . said...

wow! that was bad ass.!! i think it's neato cheeto how you made your eye brows disappear.. now i wanna try! hahah.

loved your entry by the way. cristal and mickey d's .. CLASSIC! hahah. :P

sanniet said...

Wow...You are really talented!!! You have such great skin without make up!!! You must share your secret hehe <3 You make such a hot drag!!!

Sarah said...

Fierce girl! Awesome.... I always get so frustrated when I play with makeup.... it's fun but it pisses me off at the same time. You did an amazing job. :)

Kasumi said...

you are so talented! The cardboard is a great idea!

MiuMiu said...

i love your step by step tutorial. that's so funny how your contacts were going crazy hehe

wuzzyangel said...

Now that's a proffessional application! LOL!!

You have gorgeous bare skin, if I had great skin like that I'd let it breathe all the time!

I like the trick with the cardboard. Thanks for sharing your process with us!! :)

Celly | La Dolce Vita said...

Great tut! The end results is gorgeous.

I had to LOL at those moving contacts. Hahaha.

jilliandanica said...

your skin looks amazing! if i had your skin I wouldn't care to wear makeup either, must look into arcona. Oh and i like how you did your contouring with the cardboard, awesome trick!

FANZCY said...

i love love this girl
great job
and congrats on winning babe it was well deserved..


your tooo damm adorable...
and the curves...

forget RUPPAUL darling you OWN that love love you

Sher said...

wow you are gorgeous without makeup! haha I'm loving the googly eyed look =p

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

you rocked the hell out of that drag look. AWESOME work & job. =]

Sonya said...

Your skin looks real nice w/o makeup. Nice job on the drag makeup...seriously :)

Miss Katin said...

Wow this is great and your skin lookkkss amazing!!!! =]

♥ Piggy ♥ said...

Using the powder box as shading guard was a genius move! And your moving contacts entertained me to no end XD
Congrats on the Drag Queen contest win by the way :)

Makeup Mama said...

you got an award on my blog sexy mama.

♡ Nic Nic ♡ said...

thank you for following, you are so pretty but this work is amazing! very realistic! im going to follow you right back.. i bet there's loads of amazing makeup looks to come!

Vanessa said...

OMG you don't even NEED makeup! Your skin is gorgeous and you look amazing! Great drag look too!

LadyJane said...

You're just a natural beauty girl. And I've always wanted to figure out an easier way to contour my face (too lazy) and thanks to your cardboard tip, I might use that someday.

Anonymous said...

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