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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

EDC '09 stiffly stiffersons please skip this entry

Wow. I thought I'd have some free time after I sent the files of the calendar out, but turns out I had lots more work to do. After seeing the printed proof, I decided to redo a lot. I added more geek dates, events, holidays and I cleaned up the pictures a bit more. I also started working on the new FanVixens website, which should be up soon, and I changed a bunch of stuff to my other site. It's crazy because I can be so indecisive at times, it just take me forever to finish my own projects. Also, last Tuesday I was busy doing a video shoot for Hankook Tires, Rockstar energy drinks, and Gruppe S Motorsports. I have some cool shots from that day, that I'll post when I have more time. I just have no time to really relax, esp with the San Diego Comic con coming up. I still have to go to hollywood and have some costumes made and shit.

I decided to just post the photos I took at EDC, just to keep this blog somewhat active.

EDC was fucking awesome. It's a bit crowded and crazy, but I actually had lots of fun.

Day 1 My first day at EDC was a riot. I never had the desire to go before, but All I have to say, best fucking idea ever. Laughing for 3 hours straight at everyone in this bizarre land couldn't be bad for anyone. Isn't laughter chicken soup for the soul or do I have my phrases mixed up? Anyhow, one of the best times I've had partying-evar!

^Broseph, Lin, muah, and my sister (Fruit-stripe zebra- does anyone remember that gum?)
^Six confused, but having a blast.

Me, Barb, Lil sis Ranila, fruitstripezebra... I'm rocking the gloves I got from my Pink Kitty. I had a blast pointing and shooting people all night with my bright yellow fingers. It's amazing what a hot big-titted feline can get away with at such venues. Everyone responded quite well to me pretending to blow their brains out, and let me tell you, I was not discrete about it in the least. Pshoom pshoomm errbody's gon die. pshoom pshoom= laser sounds. "There's only one way outta here," I'd proclaim, "in a body bag." They smile at me coyly or express how I looked like an awesome super hero. Yeah, a superhero that just shot you between the eyes. I even got away with doin it to the cops, which was a dumb move on my part, but at a crazy drugged filled event, I'm sure they had much bigger fish to fry.

2 beautiful asses. yes, i'm a jackass.
shitty pic of crowds and fireworks. Procameras were not allowed. all those people, it was even worse the next day.
Mardi gras fun house mirrors. doesn't look quite as distorted as I remembered...

We laughed all the way home then rested up for day2.

Day 2 So what can I say? I actually have to admit that day1 at EDC was far better for me. Day 2 wasn't bad, it just wasn't as good as day 1.
^Superhero outfit 2. I loved these heart stockings that I got in italy. I wish I would've bought more.

In line to go on the Zipper. This cute lil filipina wanted to take pics with us. =) Okay this was when things started to suck for me. Well, while I was in the zipper my friend decided he wanted something from my purse. Then the ride starts and all my shit starts flying out everywhere! I was fucking pissed. Lost my ID, found my brand new Nars lipgloss annihilated, lost my lipliner, some $, the only thing i found in tact was my cheap halfempty carmex. =(
some weirdo getting in a sister pic
in line for our last ride. forgot the name, but it was fun.
We danced til closing then decided to go to an afterparty, which probably wasn't the best idea. We were there til around 10am, I felt like a crackhead.
Then the after party after the afterparty.
Umm the 2nd time I felt like I was near death. (the first being new year '09) I woke up on the wood floors unable to move for about 20 min. Then went home and felt utterly sick for the next few days. Hellova party for sure. Bi-yearly. we go crazy then learn our lesson. haha.


Katrina M said...

Oh my gosh!!! u guys partied hard!! my bff's man was talking about this and i had no idea wat he was talking about. looks fun!! i wish i went now!

ur doing comic con!!! Lucky!!! i wish the ticket wasn't sold out! oh i know ur costume is going to be insane!!

izumi said...

WOW your outfits are hoootttt. and i agree, it's amazing what good looking people can get away with!

♥ Kendall ♥ said...

I wanna go..........

mandilicious said...

EDC indeed was off the chainz..i went only Friday though. and it was my 1st time was awesome!..i heard it was crazy packed Saturday, it almost got shut down..can't wait for next year..we're definitely going both days!

wuzzyangel said...

Wow more work on the calendar huh? Oh well... You just want it to be the best it can be!! And after that preview you gave us in the last post, I don't know how it can get better!! ;)

Very sexy on both days! Yeah I hate the Zipper, I don't like being hung upside down, then flipped round & round. But that's just me! LOL!

There was a period of time when I was a kid, that the only gum I would chew was the Zebra Fruit Stripped Gum. And it had to be the one in the yellow package! LOL!

Tiffany said...

i was at edc too! the 2nd day tho. i think its one of the best ones ive been too!!

Iyah said...

You are so sexy!!! i love all the outfits you wore! looks so much fun!!!

Ohh I wish I'm as sexy as you!! :D