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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photos at the Abandoned Lighthouse in Aruba

The day we went to the lighthouse to get some fresh coconut.

Strange thing about Aruba...they don't have many vendors who sell fresh coconut, yet they have coconut trees (some with tourists setting up rest spots directly underneath=super unsafe) all over the place.

The view up here was nice. You can see lots of the island and ocean.

You can get it at Yum Yum's...pretty inviting, no?
and some other spot on the way to baby beach.

I miss the warm breezes and moist air.

I wonder if lots of drunks, homeless folks, and dogs must've pissed on these very steps. If plantar warts could talk...

While I'm at it I might as well post the 3 photos I have from Baby Beach. I didn't bring a camera because I didn't want it to get jacked while I went swimming. These were taken with my trusty iPhone.

On the way to baby beach. One thing I like about Aruba better than the states,
Smaller beers. You don't sit around babysitting a full bottle so they never get warm. I dunno maybe its just me. I don't usually drink beer much anyhow, I'm more of a wine/hard liquor person. The only beers I've enjoyed so far in my life are Corona (only with lots of lime), hitachino ale, guinness (sometimes), and I actually thought Aruba's popular beer, Balashi was pretty good. I'm no beer expert though.

Coconut stop right by baby beach.

I really don't have photos of baby beach, but its pretty nice if u want to sorta just wade around in the water. There's a long stretch of calm water that doesn't get deep until you go very far out. There are actually lots of people there, which I didn't like so much and they charge about $30 for a tent umbrella type thing that blocks the killer sun (only fits 2 lounge chairs underneath) and $30 for 2 lounge chairs which is fucking ridiculous, but you could always try to bring your own stuff, if you know any better before hand. From the looks of it though, those fuckers made a killing.^The tent and chair peddler. lol at us dumb tourists.

Oh yeah, the contest is still going on at my other blog.

That's all. Hope everyone has a great weekend.



Sush said...

The pictures look lovely =) I can almost feel the sand in between my toes hehe

izumi said...

bodacioussss. i want to go somewhere like that! maybe saint lucia if the plane ride wasn't such a pain.

wuzzyangel said...

Everything looks gorgeous! So clean & clear! LOL unsafe to be under coconut trees! LOL!!

Careful with all that fresh coconut juice too though.. that shit will hurt coming out later! Lol!!

Sexy as always! I don't think there's anywhere or anything you don't look good at or in! ;)

Iyah said...

Hello sweets! You are just as sexy and as pretty as ever! ♥ You are so lucky that you travel a lot! That's one of my dreams :) and you have the flawless skin ever!! :D

yes yes try the Korres body butter! You will surely love it! I have super dry skin and this lotion is so nice that even when you wash or take a bath, your skin will still feels soft! :D

I can't wait to see you again at the POW WOW!! :D