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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Vintage Dollies Contest

So naturally I decided to join Voodoo Dolly's vintage dollies contest I actually wore this look out for a date the other day when I went to one of my new favorite fine dining spots, Sona. I still have to do a comparison review of Sona, Melisse, The Bazaar, and Providence. A while back, I ate at all of those places in a week so I could do a real comparison of them, but I have no time to write.

So here's my entry. I chose a pretty specific time era 1954-56. Actually, I might do more if I decide to do a vintage look on another date.
My inspirations were my dress, Dita Von Teese's book "Burlesque and the Art of the Teese/Fetish and the Art of the Teese"(a really interesting read with lots of great pictures), and another awesome book "The Great American Pin-Up". I actually tried to capture the look of some Elvgren pinups, but if I had to pick an actress from that era, I guess the look is a bit Marilyn Monroe-ish ( if she was a brunette with long hair).
 So I really didn't give myself enough time to do the whole look on point, but I think I did a good job with the makeup. The Velcro rollers didn't have enough time to really set and give me the curls I usually rock. It's funny because my date was near and I was frantically throwing the curlers off my head and tossing them all over the place. haha. I usually use Velcro rollers because they give me great volume and curls without using any heat. I just have to make sure I get them in with enough time to let them air dry.

I lost a lot of time because I kept redoing my shadow. I was moving the crease of the shadow up and down. It was one of those nights where I just couldn't decide where to start it, even though I've done it hundreds of times. I think it was because I was trying to copy images of white folks and their creases are placed a bit higher than what I'm used to.  haha.

Also, I noticed that most women from that era had brows that were shaped way different than what I'm used to. The arch is a little more rounded and they start the brow a bit further in so I did a little extra tweezing (it better grow back out. lol) for this look.

Anyways, here's the complete look.
^Another cute Bettie Page dress. I have one in red and wore it for Valentine's day. I went back and got one in blue. Love the fit! Haha. All my shoes scattered behind me. I couldn't find the other pair for a minute.

Like I said, I'm not completely satisfied with the look, so if I have time I'll replace it with another. I might pick another time era.

Guess that's all. Hope everyone is having a great week.


giang said...

gorgeousssss! loves it! you're the epitome of vintage dollie :)

Sher said...

love ittttt! And I also love the dress you chose :) Thanks for being the first girl to end me a look!

wuzzyangel said...

I think this look is pretty damn HOT!! Bettie Page herself (RIP) would love it!! The hair & makeup says it all! And the dress! Not to mention that you have that excellent figure!

Lana said...

You look gorgeous. I love that dress on you! BTW I also adore your shoes - where are they from if you don't mind the question?

Katie Golightly said...

girl, you hot! the leather gloves + bettie page dress looks like you about to go bonnie & clyde on someones ass.

Anonymous said...


Amandita said...

Wow I love it, I want that dress