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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Old Update Pics and what have u

So the calendar shoots are almost completely done. I still have to lay everything out, add fun dates, etc. Plus school, fights, drama, events.... I really have no time to update much, but since it's 6am-ish, I might as well upload some photos.

My Small Birthday Gathering at the Edison(Look up the Edison in Downtown LA. It's a pretty cool joint.) : This is gonna be pic heavy (click images to enlarge)
The Babes
pretty good, but pricey bar food.
We found the absinthe fairy and bought a bottle
Here's to me, bitches!

Sexy sisters. =)
Vima, my love, showed up. =)
maybe the absinthe was kicking in. along with the first 5 drinks. 

Okay girls, don't hate. Mr. Brandon has a Hello Kitty bank card. It's legit. haha. 

"Best dressed ladies in the house," the crowd professes.

We were also the biggest cam whores of the evening.

The best pics were taken during the after party, but I think that's enough for now. It takes to god damned long to upload this shit.
Also, note to self- buy new concealer. Yeah, I noticed the under the eye business...blah.


KitschenAid said...

do you document the making of your calendar? curious what your setup and approach is.

giang said...

that dress is sooo bodacious!u look stunning! <3

wuzzyangel said...

LOL As always everyone in your pics looks like they're having a blast! And looking hot at the same time of course!!

Good luck w/ finishing up the calendar, school, and everything else! Don't forget to rest too!

Haha.. HK card!