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Friday, July 30, 2010

Catching up and Facebook

So I've been a bit under the weather so I decided to make my Facebook profile more active and open so here's my facebook page. After easily adding new pics to my facebook I realize how sadly under- updated my blog has become. So here are some photos and banter about the past few months. If you want more photos, less banter then just go to my facebook page.  (click photos to enlarge)

Fischerspooner Concert at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney...
Trying to pose with the little kids. haha.
Yes, I understand that some images will be sideways as I have no time to individually edit photos anymore I just batch resize in photoshop and it doesn't have smart rotate for some cameras...  
 With the girls.
Yeah, I was super drunk. I actually got so drunk that I decided to give my friend a piggy back ride in those gogo boots, totally ate shit, and re-sprained my ankle. haha.good times.
 EDC and My Pretty Pink's Pow Wow.
With my BFFs lol. Duke E looking back. Maybe I should've airbrushed Brandon's horrible farmer tan. haha. Also, My belt buckle said sexlexia. All night I'd say, "I have a very sexy learning disability," then point to the buckle, cuz that's how I roll.

Low angle booty shot. Some people may ask, "why?" I ask, "why not?"
We didn't get many pics this year, due to the lack of Tuan. =(

Me at Pam's Pow Wow. I felt bad that I couldn't stay for very long, but I had to head to EDC right after. I had fun chit chatting and all. I brought Brandon, since he's a special fx makeup artist. Of course he sat with us ladies. lol. 

 At least we got this shot=priceless.

 Didn't take a bite of my food because that would've been an awful mistake before partying.It was pretty good the next day though. 


Some quick snaps with the ladies.

Then with strangers on the way out. haha.
Then a quick outfit change, and back to edc for more madness...

"Make sure you drink enough WATAH!" We heard it all night...

Okay, this is a little more work than I remembered. Next time, more on comic con and other stuff I've been up to. 
Hope you're all well and happy. xoxo


Angelique said...

Nice outfit change for EDC after the POW WOW! It was nice meeting you :]... (the girl that sat next to you & Brandon).

Remember the other girl that was supposed to go that night?? She didn't get in! What a bust.


glimmeringmetal said...

aww looks like so much fun! i think i know that girl on the far left in the 3rd to last pic lol all fuckin asians know each other


piccolo123 said...

where did you buy your pink latex dress?? and/or latex/vinyl clothes in general.. thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting!
Thank You!