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Monday, September 27, 2010

Burning man 2010 pt 2 (lots more photos)

Ready for more? (click images to enlarge)
 ^With our custom made Amoebike....We mainly road around on scooters though. I would highly recommend electric scooters to anyone going to burning man. It's the best way to get around. The playa is massive.

 ^Accessory must haves...Everywhere you go, you it's important to have goggles (tinted for day, clear for night, a face cover (i usually wore a long scarf in my hair and or a bandanna around my neck for easy access), a headlight and other lights for the night (the more lights the better for your safety! I don't know how many people I almost ran over because I couldn't see them in the dark), a cup (people give out free drinks everywhere), gloves (to protect your hands from lots of scooter riding), and of course a camel pack to store water.

 ^Largest game of tetris I ever played. If I ever become baller, I'd totally make a Dr. Mario one.
 ^Our camp- Suckie Fuckie

 ^Asian sweat shop... we had to sew the leather covers onto the paddles of Blaine's self propelled  spanking machine, or he'd burn our feet.

 Our camp's fire show. I saw some of the most amazing fire shows at burning man. It's so damned sexy. I'd love to learn it!

 ^ The spanking machine finally being used.
 ^Dude, I couldn't get enough of it. hahaha. You turn the pedal with your hand and it moves the wheel with paddles attached. We will have changeable paddles and devices for next Burn for sure.

 ^The only place at burning man where money exists. Abuse and advice was free everywhere.
 ^part of the menu from the awesome absinthe camp we found. Comfy atmospher...Free absinthe, so many flavors, so little time.  Try  riding your scooter after visiting this joint.
 Ummm, they give u a shot of whiskey, light a firecracker, drop it in this bucket of water and have you sit on it till it explodes. It's supposed to be cleansing...
 ^With all the traffic...I'm sure it had the opposite effect, but why not right?

 ^Straight outta Mad Max... lol at my ears being pushed down by goggles.
 Barbie death camp?
 The temple
 Before they burned the man

 Late night flogging...haha
 I'm sure the dust is covering up the redness. I actually broke the skin slightly from that sitting.

 Booty, booty, booty!
 ^Make sure your camel pack is filled with lots of WATAH!
 Adult playground. I fuckin loved it here! Hammocks swings, chains to hang onto. So fun. God to be a kid again.
I guess I'll post more later!


Yumeko said...

wow that looks like a total ball!!
and the outfits! oh i love them all!

Anonymous said...

Wow! you chinas know how party!