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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

comic con '06 a great success!

I just got back from the '06 comic-con. I had many pages of messages and over 600 friend requests that accumulated while I was gone, so I have much work to do.

About the con...I don't think I've ever worked so hard in my life, but it was SOOO worth it. I had a blast helping with the family publishing company . We did very well for our first time at the con and I'm so proud of us. haha.

I must have taken over 1000 pictures during the con and that is no exaggeration. If I posed for one person it was like starting a wild fire. Every couple of steps I'd have about 30 pics taken. I think going from one end of an isle to another literally took about an hour because of all the picture requests. I appreciate all the love and support that we received from you guys and I'll definately be back for more next year with an even sexier outfit. =P

I know I seemed a bit grumpy at the end of each day, but that's after taking hundreds of pics and feeling like I was walking on razor blades. Next time I'll bring the right shoes. My feet are still mad at me for the torture that I put them through. =( I think on Sunday by the end of the day I was making goofy faces when they took too long to take pics of us. You laggers deserve it. haha. Hey guys, if you stop a girl in her tracks to take a picture, you better be ready, especially if it's a camera phone. Argh. The lady "Elite" workers kept bitching at us for causing so much traffic, so it was also an added stress. It's funny because the male "Elites" would stop us to get in pics. Haha...go figure.

I also noticed a handful of you guys acknowledged me as Super Villain. You guys are awesome.You guys put a smile on my face and gave me a reason to take a break and chit chat during all that hustle and bustle. Rock on, fellow bamfs. haha.

Well, despite the fact that I took a ridiculous number of pics for you fucks, I sadly don't have many of my own. I found some random flicks on the web. Our pic was on the front page of NBC San Diego's website and other random sites I found while googling comic-con photos. If any of you have pics of or with me, pass them along to me, don't be greedy. =P

 I also can't wait to see the random video shorts we did when we were looking for excuses to break for ifilm and hmm... i have to check my cards. Did any of you catch us on G4? We just said something cheesy for them, but I thought that it was funny. I want to see myself acting like a jackass on film. It's always nice to embrace your retardedness every so often. haha.

Well, enough babbling. I'll leave some space for comic-con pics. Hand them over folks. =) 


 i'm not that short, mother is 6'7''!

 i like big guns.

 vampire party after con.

 Someone found this random pic that someone took of my ass. haha. I got a lot of that at the con. That's why we placed a logo there. =P

(click photos to enlarge)

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