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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

comic con '08 pics

I knew I just wasn't going to have enough time to finish writing about my awesome trip to Oahu. I had so many fun tales to tell about that trip, but I guess I'll get back to it if I have time.

Comic con was loads of fun! I was exhausted the whole time. I had very little sleep each night and I was rocking 8 inch heels and 18" corsets every day, so I was pretty much beating myself up while in san diego (whales penis). I have to say though, I had fun.

We sold lots of books, and I wasn't planning on doing this, but I sold out of most of my prints which was great. I had thousands of photos shot during the convention, which made me a bit blind the whole time, but I think it was all worth it. I was inspired by it all and now I have 2 new projects that I am going to work on for the next con. =)

I didn't have much of a chance to really walk around until the end of each day since it takes me 45 minutes to walk 20 feet due to all the photo requests. It was tiring trying to walk around, so I stayed at my booth and hustled my ass off. We were selling 5 different books including "Living Dolls", T-shirts, art work, and prints which meant loads of talking and what have you. Plus I had lots of signing to do, which I didn't have to do at all during past comic cons.

Well, here are some pics of the BIG 2008 San Diego Comic Con

<preview night. pre-dressup time.
<day 3 tired, but still trying to pose.
<great monarch costume !
<The sis showing off her boots to the crowd.
<me and the lil sis, Ranila, who is also another Living Doll.
< He turned his head for the photo and got a real kiss. I wonder if people took pics of the lipgloss on his cheek. haha.
< This was a heavy gun! I like..

<I see this hippie every year.
<This is the face I make, if someone tells me to smile. I don't take requests, asshole.
<The end of the last day...I was delirious.
<with a hunger for warriors....I saw Heman's package.
<It was nice to be able to sneak shots in at the end without the crowds.
< I even got a shot with iron man with out the ropes around him. This was one of the actual suits from the movie. I didn't actually touch it at all, but it was nice to get a pic nice and close. =) I almost got in trouble with some lady Elite. It's always the lady elites starting the trouble. All the male elites were sweet hearts. =)
< I got tired of making smiley faces so i started making pouty faces.

<From a quick interview with Union Tribune.
Not sure how many interviews I did...Doubt I'll find many of them.
If any of you have or find any pics with me. Let me know so I can post them here and on myspace. =)

<from <from Dave Michaels

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