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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Our book release party was great!

Well, I wanted to write about my book party sooner, but I got pinkeye and I was pretty blind for a while. I had to got through lots of pics that I found on my girls' pages, since my dumb ass forgot my memory cards for my camera when I was at the party. =( I know I was super stressed about getting my gallery together and organizing my invites for the party (among other things), but I feel that the party was a great success. It was so worth it!

First, I really want to thank everyone who showed up. I know some of you drove all the way from San Diego, Moreno Valley (big ups to the boonies...actually no, I hate most of you.=P ), and God knows where else. I just want to say that I truly appreciated seeing all you of there. (even though I got drunk and ended up debating with some of you about stupid bullshit. haha. long story, but it was all in good fun ) We had a great turn out and I know lots of us had a blast. =) Here are some pics with commentary and what have you...

<Drunk posing in front of my gallery. Like my freddie cruger dress?
<Me, Laura, and S.A. the poet for her doll.
<My lovely Dolls holding up their pages. Yup, still drunk in this pic.
<Mika- my sexy Casimir doll. I don't know why I look like a ghost here.
<<3 these girls. Casimir, Sunshine, and Tiffany dolls.

We had the spoken word poets read their poems from my book and also writers of the other books read excerpts from their stories.

<These are just some of them. I had to find these on myspace. =P

<Couples enjoying the swing. hahaha

<Most of the dolls that showed up minus Vima and Laura who already left by the time I got my memory card.
<6th grade bestie showed up with her man. =) xoxo
<San Diego peeps.
<More misc pics.
<The girls and I exchanging autographs. I felt like I was in grade school swapping yearbooks before summer vacation. <aren't we adorable? haha
<Broseph and his lady showing off some new tekmologeez. RESPECK.
<My mom and dad were bartending. Aren't they the coolest? I was a bit nervous about them being there while some of my crazy work was on display and the with some of really risque poetry that the poets were reciting. I tend to forget how chill my parents are about such things. My parents were so awesome they even called my drunk ass the next day to tell me how proud they are of my "creativity" and my art. That was nice. It's great that they support my artistic side. My dad is actually a great photographer. He's never owned a point and shoot camera. He does everything manually. I've been wanting to blog about him. He used to shoot self-portraits like me when he was a young whipper snapper. =) I'll write about it one of these days...
<Dad, sis, and mom. <3

As drunk as I got at the party, we ended up going to some secret restaurant that serves alcohol after hours. I ended up killing a bottle of sake on my own and pretty much blacked out.

I guess that's when I decided I absolutely had to...clean my chimney....

<Dirty Sanchez. hahaha
<The party after the after party. I tried to get him to close my fireplace, but I just ended up getting my guest dirty then challenged him to puzzle fighter till I fell asleep with the controller in my hand. I'm such a jackass. We go back though...7th grade. hahaha. Can't stop, won't stop. eheh eheh.

Guess that's all.

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