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FanVixens in: Bizarro Au Go-Go is an 88 page color photo book featuring the sculptures, props, and special FX of Cig Neutron and the Photography and photo manipulation of Rannie Rodil. From comic book catfights, to advertisements for bizarre products that you can actually order, to hot chicks covered in GALLONS of BLOOD. Throw in a cheesy sense of humor and there you have it, this book has more puns than the Cryptkeeper. What's not to love? The best part is all this can be yours for only $20!

Friday, December 4, 2009

Contest update! all the entries.

So the contest is over, and I love all the entries! thanks to all the ladies who took the time to put together these looks. You are all amazing! I'm going to announce the winners soon. I've just been SUPER busy!

Don't forget, my character costume contest ends November 30th!
I've been so busy, sorry I took a while to update the contest, I haven't forgot about it. lol.
I get so stoked when I see each and every entry. You ladies fricken rock!

So I received the first awesome entry to my contest and finally got around to taking photos of some of the prizes. I think I'll just continue to update this entry with contestants as I receive them.... I'm going to TRY to keep my commentary to a minimum at this point. ( Although I'm super ecstatic with what I'm seeing so far!) =D

Here is Lauren as Vampire Girl.

This was an awesome transformation. Love it! Check out her full entry here.

Here's a taste of glam as the Joker!

Yes, wow right? Seriously check out her full entry here! Wow!
Here is the hot Rozylipop as a sexy, tortured femme Draco Malfoy.

and may i add...
sorry, the perv in me just had to. Yowzers. Hot! mmkay.

Check out this lovely French beauty's awesome entry here. She has great back story. Love the theatrics.

Here's this champagne poppin' cutie pie's entry as the Greek Goddess of harvest and seasons, Demeter.

Couldn't you just eat her up? =) Again, her complete and very informative entry can be viewed here. Love it!

Another awesome character hop aboard el tren de belleza with Marce as Lydia Deetz from Beetlejuice!

I used to watch that Beetlejuice cartoon everyday and she looks so much like the Lydia from the Beetlejuice cartoon. Brings back memories. Love it! Check out Marce's full contest entry here.

Here are some images of the lovely Sarah as the Mad Hatter!

She also added some cool Mad Hatter trivia! Check out her full entry to see what a great job she did! This is exactly what I was looking for! Yay!

Man this first entry is so awesome, it really gets me pumped to see more.

I figured that since I have so many prizes to give out, there's going to be a certain method as to how winners shall be rewarded.

I didn't really want to open any of the items, but you can check the links to see what the items look like. =)
The prize list will continue to grow until the contest ends!


Sarah said...

Oh my GAWD it's like I'm famous lol :P
Oh no way, thank YOU for hosting such a fun contest. I had so much fun with this- and those prizes are seriously out of this world, OMG!!! Can't wait to see more entries- just loveee your blog :)

wuzzyangel said...

She looks amazing! And I'm sorry again I won't be able to participate. :( Just got back from my trip yesterday and I'm mad tired, and I don't even want to think about work! LOL!

I know you're gonna get more great entries though! :) Hope your ankle is much better by now!! Nurse that mutha okay?!

noone said...

wow Sarah looks soo good! I want to join now, Just have to think of what to be hehe

Anonymous said...

from Jared Leto's penis;

can i join your contest? i know you have been busy and since i am jared leto's penis you probably heard our new song, right baby?

Anonymous said...

Lauren's shading on the face is INCREDIBLE!!! omg looks like a portrait =D