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Friday, November 20, 2009

Dethklok at the Palladium

If you don't know what's up with Dethklok from the Adultswim show Metalocalypse, you better ax somebody. Well, I went to the concert last night with my sister and we had lots of fun. Mastadon performed before Dethklok. This is gonna be a short entry, just thought I'd throw it up right away since I got the photos uploaded.

Right when we get out of the car a young f*ck looks at us and says, "mastadonnnnn" and does some hand motion.... "WHAT THE F*CK DID YOU JUST CALL ME?!" lol. and that was the start of the evening full of regrets. haha. no regrets really.

Get into the Palladium and they have a special combo, a beer and a shot of jager for $14. My friend gets the beer, I get the shot of jager and a Belvedere monster, like the good ol' days.
^Me n the sis. I didn't dress that cute. I basically gave myself only a few minutes to get dressed so I spent a majority of that time doing my eye makeup. lol. My sister represented though.
^dethklok videogame in the bg. Um, I'm so wrong for this. haha.
^junk in the trunk. lol.

^right before the mosh pit started getting moshy. Dude, I never knew how fun it would be. I really enjoyed getting all rambunctious in the bitch. There's an art to it. Once I got into the flow I felt invincible! It really gets you pumped.

Guess that's all.

Last weekend I was in SF. Stayed at the Ritz on the club level. I'll post about it when I have more time. xoxo


♥ Ms. Kendall ♥ said...

Yooo hoe!!!! Love the eye makeup and your supa-hott outfit!!!

wuzzyangel said...

Looks like a blast! Killa outfits! ANd I love your boots! ;) hope your ankle was all G in the pit!

Anonymous said...

from jared leto's penis;

hey, SUPERBITCH. I saw your stank-ass at the mosh pit and you didn't even recognize me, you dumb ass. you like to party and get down, huh? how about you get down on my dick. you and your sister. you aint nothin but chicken shit, bitch. you don't know how to party. why don't you invite me to your next drinking event. I will make sure your little raunchy pussy is nice and sore the next day.

glimmeringmetal said...

fuck yeah! I love that you listen to metal! I was gonna go but I'm to broke to go see shows, except for my fav favorites :P you looked gorgeous!


tpain said...

LYNN YOU ARE SO COOL! I don't know anyone like you who's super beautiful, bodacious, sweet, funny and into neat things like Adult Swim shows and comic books! lol and hello, you don't even need lotsa time to get ready and look hott! you got it, girl!

take care!

p.s. LMFAO @ this jared douche coming in every post, wow.

Anonymous said...

i LOOOOVE your outfit thats hoooot

noone said...

haha looks like you two had fun! I really like both of your outfits especially your shirt :D

Anonymous said...

from Jared leto's penis

to; tpain;

hey, bitch, i got your douche. by the way supervillain hasn't told me how she likes my new song 'kings and queens' considering she's been deep throating me since i met her at the nine inch nails concert. said...

haha you girls look hot! :D

Anyways, check out my blog too if you want!