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Monday, October 31, 2011

Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention 2011 Photos

The Bizarro Au Go-Go team had a blast at this year's Long Beach Comic and Horror Convention. We met lots of awesome people, saw plenty of cool costumes, and pretty much had an all around blast. We definitely plan on getting a booth next year.

Here are some highlights of the convention.
 The best Nathan Explosion we've seen.

 Ms. Rodil with Seth Green. 

 Very nice costume. 

 With the lovely Diana Terranova before doing an interview with Bizarro Au Go-Go. Check out her saucy youtube page at mygeekuniverse. She has a funny little video with Rannie Rodil and Laya Bella from Bizarro Au Go-Go below.

Back to LBCC...
 Cutest Doc Oc ever.


With the awesome Jon Schnepp of Metalocalypse.

Super cute super heros

They were challenging the BudMizer.

Awesome costumes all around. 
Comic con cutie

 The beginning of Lady Scourge's choking spree at con...

 This was for saying something about her mama. 

 This is for walking around without a mustache, Luigi.

 This is for looking so smug.

 She was too cute to choke.

 This is for changing from awesome Nathan Explosion to a kind of cool Rambo.

She didn't like the cut of his gibberish.

 more comic con cuties.

 Cool group of folks, she got choked because she looked liked she'd enjoy it.

 With our awesome booth neighbor Richard Starkings writer of the amazing Elephantmen comics.
good times =)

Lady scourge doesn't take kindly to cannibalistic bananas.  Cannibalnanas...pfsh.

 Super hottie choking the Budmizer with Lady Scourge. I don't think he had any complaints. 

 This guy had a bolt in his head.

 sexy zombie schoolgirls.

 Cute kid naming all the characters on his shirt.

 Luigi hitting on Lady Scourge.

another comic con cutie.

Cool kids chatting it up before heading out

Thanks Long Beach! What a great con.

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