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Friday, September 11, 2009

NIN Wave Goodbye at the Hollywood Palladium

^Right outside the Palladium with my sister.

^Already buzzed.

^Conjoined twins. Connected at the hip. haha.

It was a great concert. Very intimate and they played lots of my favorites. I was able to get my sister and I up to the VIP, but it happened so fast I left my camera with Blaine. *edit for confidentiality* We didn't meet the band or anything like that. We actually had to leave right away because my sister flew down from Burning Man to go to the concert then had to fly back. That's some hardcore shit. Btw, I'm so going to Burning Man next year. My showed me videos n pics and I was in awe.

I uploaded my first videos on youtube. They are just video clips from the concert. I shot everything with my old canon pocket cam, so photo quality isn't great.

^Fuckin love this song.

^Who doesn't love this one?

At the end Gary Numan performed "Cars" with them. How awesome is that? They sounded great live.

This was actually my first real concert. I was so stoked that my sister got the ticket for me. =) Everyone I talked to was saying that this is an awesome venue for a first concert. I believe them. I loved every minute of it. Afterward, we went to thai town where they have lots of good late night Thai restaurants.


GiGi said...

You look great! You & your sis are beautiful!

NIN moved out as our neighbors right before we moved in. The hubby was so pissed he missed them, he loves them.

Jared Leto is soooooo scrawny. I saw him at the grove, I could take him for sure, & i'm 5'4", haha!

Vanessa M. said...

lucky!!! how cool :)

Lolita Riot said...

wow looking good! so funny that j. Leto asked for your number haha

wuzzyangel said...

Looks like you guys had a blast!! And lookin all sexy too! ;)

Haha Jared Leto went all shady on you with his phone! LOL!

NIN is awesome. I'm glad they played your faves!! The clips are still great! Thanks for sharing them with us!

Anonymous said...

so, once Jared Leto screws your dumbass will you post that too? how proud you must be to be part of the 'hollywood' scene.

from - Jared Leto's Penis

Anonymous said...

by the way, how did you get into VIP? used your knee pads? I bet you did.

from - Jared Leto's Penis

Ms. Rodil aka Supervillain1 said...

Wow! Jared Leto's penis' impersonator seems like a bitter and lonely bottom-feeder. I can't imagine how odd it must feel on the inside to write negative things to a stranger. Nice job using single-quote marks inappropriately right after you called me a dumb ass. Choose your battles wisely, sad one. If you're going to take the time to bash someone you don't know, do it well. If your going to be an asshole, be the best asshole you can be. Don't be a half-ass(ed)hole. Seriously though, thanks for your time. You really make one appreciate the finer things in life, like actually having one.

Anonymous said...

From Jared Leto's penis;

To; Supervillain 'wanna-be'

it's funny how you speak of quotation marks but yet you are just another 'HOLLYWOOD' pole-sucker. I pick my battles well, supervillain. Can you pick your celebrity dicks well?

p.s. your photography is grade-school level, what's wrong, chasing too many HOLLYWOOD penises?

focus girl, focus!!!!!

kawaiikao said...

omgosh how fun! i havent been to a concert in a while. you gals look super sexy!

Anonymous said...

lol @ your first e-hater! you're doing something right, lynn! keep on being gorgeous and ferocious like you always are!

Vicky said...

Wow! I'm so jealous you got to see them there! I got to see them here in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) and it was AWESOME!!! You and your sister looked great btw! I have the same pants as you lol. NIN rocks!!!!!

Ms. Rodil aka Supervillain1 said...

Vicky, Yes love your vid of the concert. I was in Amsterdam not too long ago. It must be a very interesting place to live. Do you ride a bike everywhere? I only know how to ride a stationary bike. haha. =)