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Monday, October 5, 2009

Long Beach Comic Con Days 1 & 2

So Long Beach Comic Con has past. It was the first Long Beach Comic Convention, so it was pretty small. Also it was during the weekend of the Adult Con which was bad planning in my opinion. Porn and comics go hand in hand. It's all fantasy, right? Anyways, I have to say I'm pretty glad it wasn't big and crazy like SDCC because I was hobbling around with my cast and cane. It was a real pain. I was doped up on Vicodin because honestly, I was being a real dumbass when I convinced the dr to give me a cane instead of crutches. Oh man. I think things would have been much easier with crutches, but I was being vain at the hospital, and I sure paid the price.

We didn't sell much. There really weren't many people to sell stuff too, but we did get to network and meet some cool and interesting vendors and artists. We were able to speak more with individual fans, which is nearly impossible to do at the crazy packed San Diego Comic Con.

Well, here are some photos of days 1 and 2.

Day 1
^Posing With my cane. Tried my best to cover the ugly ass aircast. I wonder why they don't make them in black?^Vest- Lip Service. Leggings-LVLX. Silver top-LVLX. Gloves- Busy B Hollywood. Cool stash Boot-From Amsterdam
I always get that clump of strands that just wants to fall out of place. Sorta like Elvis. For makeup I used some of the items that will be given away for my contest. The contest items are unopened. I ordered stuff for myself when I ordered contest items. =P
Eyes:Mac Grease Paint stick- Black, Mac Pigment- sweet sienna, Mac Eyeshadow-black tied, Urban Decay eyeshadow-Vapor
Lips:Mac Mattene Lipstick, OCC lip tar-Feathered, Mac Glimmerglass-Bling Black

^At our booth
There wasn't much cosplay, but there was live wrestling!

Day 2
I was Mario!
^Clean look for Mario. Just more shimmer to give me that cartoon like glow and thicker, higher arched brows.
Didn't forget the 'stache. just decided to add it later in the day.

Costume- I got the Mario hat and mustache from Hot Topic. I made the skimpy overalls from a pair of cheap stretchy skinny jeans. The upper half of one leg was for the front panel, lower half for the back panel. The other leg was used for the straps. Pretty much hand sewed everything again since I haven't got around to buying a new sewing machine. Btw, I sprained my ankle while shopping for the stupid buttons for the overalls. The top was actually two old tops that I put together one from papaya and the other from some other cheap clothing shop. White Gloves from Busy B, Hollywood.
^The beautiful Mika, Ms. March the Night Elf Came down to sign with me. =) Isn't she adorable. I fuckin love her new hairstyle. She looks like a pretty pixie.
^The guy on the right- if Tom Cruise made it with Ben Stiller. haha^Cam whoring. Yeah this pose hurt, but it was worth it. haha.
^haha. I look like such a pervert with the mustache.
^Pshoo pshoo errbody's go'n die. -Kevin Hart
^haha. I had my leg up higher but I guess the camera was too slow.
^That's how I roll, Mario.
=) I'll post day 3 when I feel like going all the way down stairs to find my camera.


Janice said...

omgosh the mario costume is too cute! where'd you get that hat ?

Makeup Mama said...

HAH! I love the outfit and pic where you're posing with a pic of mario. I think you're the only girl I know who looks good in a 'stache (and a cast).

I will have to try to find the time to do your contest. Sounds like fun. Things have been hectic. But I'll be posting a giveaway soon if you're interested.

kawaiikao said...

omgoshhh i love love love your mario outfit!!

wuzzyangel said...

Haha!! you look great both days!! And you rocked the cane pretty well! All the better to whack peeps with right?! LOL!

Love your boots! :) And the Mario outfit is classic!! Mario wishes he was that sexy! LOL! I do hope you ankle heals up quick!

NiC-KIA said...

these pixx are soooo cute!
LOVE the mario costume! U looked fucknn gor-jae'!
OH & dont u just love the mac grease paint stick?!
I tried it out on my BDAY this past weekend and now im addicted...!!
-Darling Nikky of Tatseless Diamonds

Vanessa M. said...

omg your so creative with that costume! cutest mario ever!

Lolita Riot said...

I love lip service but there stuff is just so damn expensive! love love your makeup here! haha you guys have the live wrestling too?? we have it at one of the cons here and I always get confused as WHY and why are there so many people watching?? sorry I didnt see that point to that :\ your mario is hot! if only mario had a twin she would look like you!

Anonymous said...

gosh the mario costume is awesome! i wish i was as creative! i am so doing this for halloween because i've been stuck in a rut.

thank youuuu!!

Anonymous said...

mario!!! mama mia its amazing! hehehe