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Monday, March 15, 2010

FanVixens Party Pics!

I had a great time. I partied so hard, I still have no voice! Lol. My sister said it was because I was laughing so much...haha.
^First batch of loves; Mika Casimir, Boogs, Jenny
^I don't remember this, but I'm sure he was asking for it.

^I changed my outfit at the last minute. I was originally going to wear a Bettie Page dress, but my sister thought it wasn't sexy enough so I bought this: Dress-LVLX, Boots-Jeffrey Campbell, Belt-Bebe, Gloves- Hot Topic and Ebay (2pairs)
The beautiful Vima showed up! Things were so hectic, I didn't even get a pic with her, but I partied with her the following night. Love this girl! Justine worked the door for us at the last minute.
^I was so happy! Brenda showed up from Cabo! I had no idea she would've been able to show up. Everyone, She-hulk. She was actually still taller than me with my super tall shoes and her chucks. haha.
^I'm not sure who was more wasted, me or Boogs. Well, maybe boogs.
Well, maybe me. haha.
^I'm posing like there's something there. Lol. I have no idea. Ta da!

^Pretty Laura also showed up. Her sister is sitting behind me. I was so drunk I forgot to take a pic with her! I forgot to get all the girls together for a group shot! I guess I was more wasted here than I was at my Living Dolls Book signing. Which I thought would've been impossible.
From the Living Dolls book, Sphinx. She's so cute, I just want to put her in my purse and take her home with me. =)

Bestie from 6th-8th grade made it out. She was actually down to drive with my drunk belligerent ass to Soon Tofu and she sat through out drunken conversations. While being quite sober. Lol. That's love.

With my girl, Nikki! I don't know why the new canon point n shoot does this weird white balancing when using flash sometimes.

She's going to be my partner in crime victim of crime in the FanVixens 2011. You old school movie buffs are going flip!

Before closing up, we took some mushroom pics.

Guess that's all. I had a blast. Thanks to everyone who made it out!
I have more to post about the party the following night, but I'm tired of uploading pics.

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wuzzyangel said...

That's a lot of sexy gals in this post! Looks like the party was a big success!! And everyone def looks like they had a great time! :)