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Friday, March 19, 2010

Saturday's Fetish Ball at Hollywood Forever

Bad insomnia and I can't find my vinyl glue to finish another costume. Might as well post photos from another fun party.

My lovely doll, Vima invited my sister and I to be her guests at the Fetish Ball last Saturday at the Hollywood Forever cemetery. It was another night of merry partying with some cool peeps, new and og.

Initially there were no pictures allowed, until we were introduced to the guy who runs the joint so I asked my sister to sneak a quick shot of me in the bathroom. 

The girls.Some people though me, my sister, and Vima were triplets. I took it as a compliment. =)

We got to go into the secret room where the owner dwells. It had a neat bathroom with a coffin mirror and high tech bidet. There was also some sort of dungeon at the top, but I respected the spot and refrained from photographing.

The dress I was wearing was a cheap one that I got from SF. I sort of modified the front and added a pewter skull then rapped black pearls around it. I saw another asian biatch wearing the same dress. Lol. Good thing I changed it. I was actually obnoxious enough to point it out. "Oh how embarrassing! We're wearing the same dress!" -rolls eyes-  People were like, "really? Yours looks so cool and hers..." Lol. I could be a real dick sometimes. Especially if you give me an attitude for no reason. -Snaps fingers-

With the guy who runs the place. Lol. Asian invasion.
 We soon left for another party
 ^Oh my friend Brandon's dope ass tat!
He's a young kid with an old soul. He's into the same things as us bigger kids, but I'm like, " weren't you just born when NES came out?" lol.

At the other party. I think we've been partying at galleries a lot more than we used to. Guess we're all growed up.

Brandon and I reenacting the Liaisons of the Red Queen shoot. Lol. I don't know how he remember the face the rabbit was making.

^My sister and I are developing a terrible signature pose. smh

That's all.


JANE said...

Damn, you look mighty fine in your dress (lol @ snap fingers). And the 3 of you really do look like triplets. You always have fun when you go out :)

Stephanie said...

WOW your outfit is amazing!

Lolita Riot said...

god I love that dress, btw you have to enter my contest!
so bummed I didnt get a chance to join yours!

wuzzyangel said...

You guys do kinda look like triplets in that pic! I love how you always have fun no matter where you are! And always looks hot whilst having that fun! :)