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FanVixens in: Bizarro Au Go-Go is an 88 page color photo book featuring the sculptures, props, and special FX of Cig Neutron and the Photography and photo manipulation of Rannie Rodil. From comic book catfights, to advertisements for bizarre products that you can actually order, to hot chicks covered in GALLONS of BLOOD. Throw in a cheesy sense of humor and there you have it, this book has more puns than the Cryptkeeper. What's not to love? The best part is all this can be yours for only $20!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

FanVixens in: Bizarro Au Go-Go Invades San Diego Comic Con 2011! Days 1 and 2

We had a blast at comic con this year, as we always do. This was the 5th year that Ink Pen Mutations Press had a booth at San Diego Comic Con and we did not want to disappoint. We had crazier costumes, lots of fun swag bags, and FanVixens in: Bizarro Au Go-Go made it's public debut. It was a lot of work, but so much fun. We are all still recuperating, but here are some photos of Bizarro Au Go-Go and the Ink Pen Mutations crew rabble rousing  at the San Diego Comic Con.

This will be picture heavy. Enjoy! (Click images to enlarge)
Day 1
 Cig and Ms. Rodil finally arrive at SDCC!
 Making swag bags for Ink Pen Mutations Press. Don't forget to joint their crazy mustache contest!

Day 2

Rannie Rodil, Cig Neutron, and Laya Bella infested with bingebugs while waiting at the trolley station. Dear god, they are ugly...but festive. Order yours at!
 Ms. Rodil, Cig Neutron, and Laya Bella waiting for the trolley to SDCC.^

Bizarro Au Go-Go's Ranie Rodil, Laya Bella, and the Bud Mizer with body guard Erik make the front page of IMDB!^

Ms. Rodil Posing for Fox  
 Laya Bella and Rannie Rodil pose for Fox's Babes of Comic Con.
Entertainment Weekly's Costumed women of Comic Con^
Laya Bella Poses with FanVixens in: Bizarro Au Go-Go for Fox5

 Bizarro Au Go-Go FanVixens pose with the amazing Rafael.
 Best Friends and Bizarro Au Go-Go FanVixens Laya Bella and Ms. Rodil take a break.

 Being interviewed with the Bud Mizer. "What the hell is he?" The crowd ponders. He's a Crapulon from the planet Mullock. Here to steal our booze and bologna.

Photo op with the very cool, Brett.
More soon...

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Alfonze said...

I was on the same Trolley as you that morning. It was the perfect start to my 2011 Comic Con experience. Thanks.