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Sunday, August 2, 2009

SDCC 09 part 2 Lots more photos!

Day 2 of the comic con I wanted to dress as a revamped version of the catwoman from the original Batman tv series. I had the leather mask already from the FanVixens shoot with fetish model extraordinaire, Vima. Leather mask by Goblin & Crumb, I just added pleather to the ears. Wore my leather corset, pleather bikini top, some cool lace back fishnets from legs ave, metalic black spandex gauntlets and underwear from Je t'aime hollywood, some funky long black claws from the Hollywood Halloween shop, gold chains from Michael's, and black gogo boots I borrowed from my sister. (click photos to enlarge)

^Cam-whoring dweeb. I'm sure there are plenty of these floating around on the internet. If you come across any or took some with me, give me a holler. =P

I actually had a hard time rocking this because of how I wore the mask. I actually had it on way too tight which led to a massive headache. I think if I decide to wear this mask again I'll change the leather band to an elastic one.


So although there was a downside to the obscure booth location this year, I did mention there was an upside to our spot. Actually pretty huge in the realm of comic lovers. We were right across from Adam West's booth. For those of you who have no idea who he is, he was the original Batman from THE ORIGINAL BATMAN TV SERIES!!! haha! We had no idea that he was going to be across from us. It was like fate that I was dressed as Catwoman when he first arrived!
I was a bit shy, but my friend asked if I could take a photo with him, and he replied, I don't know if I should, my wife is here. haha. She smiled warmly, "go ahead," and she stepped aside so I could be photographed behind the booth. =) They were so awesome. That never happens. haha. Most oldschool comic celebs wouldn't let anyone behind the booth to be photographed, let alone for free. They were super cool, and it was surreal speaking with him because I totally grew up watching that series everyday after school. Also with his voice... I was totally picturing the zany character he plays on Family Guy- Major West. haha. He sounds just like his self. haha.

^I was only back there for a short period. All I could see was a bunch of camera flashes. Whoever got some of those shots were lucky. Adam West posing with the young Asian Catwoman. Hilarious. His wife asked what happened to the claws I had on earlier. I had to ditch them because it was a real pain signing calendars with them badboys on.
^Quick bathroom run. I was stopped by an adorable Pikachu for a quick photo-op. FanVixens 2010 material? She's cute as a button...

What makes comic con super awesome? All the fun cosplay.

^didn't know what this was about, but there was a long line for it.
End SDCC '09 part2
Up next more fun, more photos, more cosplay...


wuzzyangel said...

Whoa!! PURRRR!!! Dang that's a sexy ass cat outfit!! SOOO COOL that you met Adam West!! LOL! He was a great Batman! Even if he was on the chubs side! LOL! But yes Mayor West on Family Guy is a awesome character!! He doesn't do much!! LOL! And loves his SMACKS!! LOL!

See I would soo just peep watch all day!! So many creative peeps all cosplayed out!! LOL @ the Super Mario Bros.!!! Sweet...!

Anonymous said...

hey, hun. thank you for your comment. i'm feeling okay, actually. my parents were kinda upset i did this. they have been calling me all day to check up on me. surprisingly, i've been feeling okay. i'm on iron pills so i'm hoping i won't get too weak. hopefully, it won't be too bad. if i start feeling bad, i will quit. i read some people get cramps and pain but i haven't felt that yet. maybe that will come eventually but so far, everything has been fine. i really just wanted to detox since i'm prone to infections and whatnot. i also don't have medical insurance anymore and my parents keep stressing to me that i can't afford to get sick =( thank you for your concern. if i start feeling weak, i'll stop it. you're right...i'm gonna listen to my body and see how i feel. thank again for your advice. do you still do the cleanse?

JANE said...

The mask looks hot on you (but you already know that). I laughed when I saw the Happy Tree Friends character - freakin oldschool.

Kalmo said...
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Unknown said...

hey i saw you on this youtube clip idk if you already saw it

Victoria said...

i saw your picture here.


Lolita Riot said...

you make a reallt amazing cat woman! Lucky you, it is true that popular old school guests almost always charge, thats why I never see them ayway.