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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ranila's 25th Bday

So my little sister had her 25th birthday 9-9-09. She had her party at the adorable Leon Lounge in Orange County. Her friend let her rent the place out for the even for free.

Here are some photos. (click to enlarge)

^Me with the birthday girl. Yes, she wore a tiara for her bday. I wore a hairpiece made out of genuine baby bald eagles. Now that's baller.

^First shot of the evening.
^Ugh it burns so good once it hits your mouth. haha. Not a big fan of Greygoose shots. I like Belvedere better when it's straight up.

^Big sis arrived a bit later.

^The sisters still bright eyed and sober.
^2nd drink.
^third drink. Aside from shots, I stuck with vodka redbulls I like to mix uppers and downers to give me that weird neutral feeling.

^a bit more tipsy... She had an outfit change. It was funny because I saw the dress hanging in the bathroom and I thought it would've been hilarious to change into it real quick and wear it around the party until she noticed. It seemed funny in my mind, but I knew she probably would've cried or something. 10 years ago would've been another story. That's what big sisters are for right? haha.

4th drink. Dude with the glasses painted on his shirt kept pouring me shots after this. oh man. People like challenging me to drink offs for some reason.

^one of my loves showed up. She was the Nikki Doll from my first book.

^I look evil here. =P
^About to blow out her candles. I think I was too drunk to remember this part.

^A picture of her on the cake. This was from our first photo shoot. I told her she should have asked me to photoshop a tiara on her head for the cake. haha.

^Some drunk dancing.

^Final drink. I took a shot with my sister and lil cousin who I hadn't seen in years. This was like my 8th or 9th drink. I don't quite remember going home, and I felt so shitty the next day. I can't drink like I used to. My tolerance has gone down, since I don't drink as often. Plus, I'm just getting plain old.

Guess that's all for now.


FuN and MakeUp said...

how pretty!! this place looks nice i gotta check it out one of these days! ur lil sis doesnt look much like you guys! but u n ur older sis, i see similaries! ur soo pretty n have on such a cute outfit! same as the bday girl! where do u guys shop at? i love silk! lol

Andee Layne said...

thats my bday too 9-9-09! you girls look gorgeous! i live in OC and havent heard of Leon lounge. Was it good? Ill have to check it out!Great blog! Please checkout and follow my fashion and lifestyle blog as i will yours! xo

Te Te said...

Well it looks like you at least had's not always about how much you drink(but in my world it does).....Hot blog too... I'm following.... follow me
I would love to hear some of your input on some of my blog entries

Hope to hear from you soon


wuzzyangel said...

You look like you all had fun! And what a treat for all! Not 2 but 3 HOT SISTERS!! :)

Happy Bday to her!! :) Ahh I remember being 25... Gawd I'm OLD!

Nu Nu Dollie said...

Love your dress! :)

Angela Pluck said...

Hey how the heck are you? Thank you for the sweet comment about Little Gia Bear...she's a big ball of FUN. Anyways, we took took those photos in Chino's so beautiful up there. Derrick knows of the place because he rides his mountain bike up there. But the trail that we took was the hikers/runners trail. I love it and it's nice place to get away. I hope all is well!! xoxo

paperdollrevenge said...

You could never be old. =) Aww you and your sisters are so pretty! Lmao if you would have changed into her second dress!